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  • Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

    Give Your Brand An Image Lift With Our Straight Pillowcase Backdrop! Are you planning an event to promote your companyƒ??s products and services? In order to get maximum exposure and reach, you need our outstanding straight pillowcase backdrops. Whatƒ??s best about these backdrops is that they are…

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    8 x 8 ft @ £189.00 only
  • Curve Pillow Case Backdrop

    Transform Your Event's Look For Increased Appeal With Our Curve Pillowcase Backdrop! If you are looking to make your event look professional and glamorous at the same time, you should get our curve pillowcase backdrops. These backdrops are great for adding to the event's appeal and making the space…

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    8 x 8 ft @ £130.03 only
  • Fabric Display Stand S Shape

    Fabric stand often acts as a background wall in a trade show. Decorated with lights at the back and tailored with good and unique shape, the fabric stand looks novel and vivid, which can immediately become the focus in the crowd. By adopting sublimation printing, the pictures on the screen are…

    36.2 x 93.3 in @ £125.98 only
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays

    Get the attention you deserve with our impressive wallbox fabric display Increase awareness about your brands Our wallbox fabric display is a brand new, and let’s emphasise ‘effective’ way to market your business, and get the attention that you crave. As the name implies, this promotional tool is a…

    10 x 8 ft @ £251.16 only
  • Table Top Banner Display

    Table top banner is warmly welcomed by customers for its large graphic space. If you happen to have a 4ft, 6ft or 8ft table, then our table top head banner is a perfect match to become a display set. Table top banner boasts for great visibility. Table banner with your logo printed on it always keeps…

    4.2 x 0.82 ft @ £63.83 only
  • EZ Extend Display

    Stand Yourself Out In Advertising When it comes to advertising, you need to be on top of the game. One minute mistake can give a lead to your competitor. This is where this extend display comes in. During BTL marketing, people often make the mistake of overlooking advertising displays. To make sure…

    2 x 6.5 ft @ £65.20 only
  • Photography Backdrops

    The Perfect Backdrop - Anywhere Photography backdrops are versatile and beautiful for your photography needs. Use the pristine white surface or add a colored light for a little extra flair. Our portable system comes with a convenient carrying case for easy travel and storage, so you can take your…

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    4.75 x 4 ft @ £20.83 only
  • 10'x8' Backdrop Display Package

    …backdrop display package includes the following items: A convertible/adjustable table cover 6ƒ?? x 2.5ƒ?? for grabbing attention. A straight pillow backdrop 10ƒ?? x 8ƒ?? for gaining maximum exposure at your booth. Bamboo roll up stands 2.5 x 6.5 for advertising your message. Give Your Brand…

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    10 x 10 ft @ £848.22 only
Sort by:
1 - 8 of 8