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  • Step and Repeat Banners

    Get high quality, vibrant step and repeat banners, and step and repeat boards at the best rates! What is a Step and repeat? Step and repeat backdrops allow you to display one or more logos repeated in a stepwise or an alternating diagonal pattern. Whether it is a media event, a red carpet event or…

    3 x 2 ft @ £8.39 only
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Banner

    …with an 8x8 step and repeat banner at a reasonable price without compromising on its quality. We produce superior quality banners using high-tech technology to print and place graphics on it. 8x8 Step and Repeat Bannerƒ??The Banner You Need to Increase Exposure Step and repeat banners placed in the…

    8 x 8 ft @ £133.86 only
  • Adjustable Banner Stands

    At BannerBuzz, we also offer adjustable banner stands at prices and with modifications that you will not find anywhere else in the UK. These brand new additions are great alternatives and more durable than standard roller banner stands and can prove to be an asset during your advertising campaigns.…

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    10 x 8 ft @ £89.71 only
  • Curve Pillow Case Backdrop

    Transform Your Event's Look For Increased Appeal With Our Curve Pillowcase Backdrop! If you are looking to make your event look professional and glamorous at the same time, you should get our curve pillowcase backdrops. These backdrops are great for adding to the event's appeal and making the space…

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    8 x 8 ft @ £130.03 only
  • Wall Box Fabric Displays

    Get the attention you deserve with our impressive wallbox fabric display Increase awareness about your brands Our wallbox fabric display is a brand new, and let’s emphasise ‘effective’ way to market your business, and get the attention that you crave. As the name implies, this promotional tool is a…

    10 x 8 ft @ £251.16 only
  • Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

    Give Your Brand An Image Lift With Our Straight Pillowcase Backdrop! Are you planning an event to promote your companyƒ??s products and services? In order to get maximum exposure and reach, you need our outstanding straight pillowcase backdrops. Whatƒ??s best about these backdrops is that they are…

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    8 x 8 ft @ £189.00 only
  • Premium Outdoor Floor Mats

    …many times in a month do you complain of potential customers? If you said several times in a year, it is vital you take proper measures to never repeat the complaint again. You need to incorporate advertising strategies along with out-of-the-box methods to attract potential customers to your door!…

    2.25 x 1.5 ft @ £87.36 only
  • Window Stickers

    …Removable Self-Adhesive Vinyl Mild adhesive is added to the back of this sticker. However, these stickers are easy to remove but can’t be used repeatedly because the adhesive is not strong. Permanent Self-Adhesive Vinyl These stickers have a strong adhesive on the back. Once stuck to a window,…

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    130 x 100 mm @ £1.67 only
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1 - 8 of 8