5 Ways Bar Signs Make Any Restaurant Homely

There are several types of signage available that are not only great for enhancing the customer experience at restaurants or bars, but also helping attract more prospects. The goal of bar banners, magnetic signs, and surface decals is to draw customers in, show them what you have to offer, and make your restaurant feel more at home.

Bar signs also help capture your customer’s attention, project your overall brand image more creatively, and direct consistent foot traffic to your establishment. Available in a wide range of colours, fonts, styles and designs, bar signs can be customised in a way that is unique to your business.

High Visibility of Bar Signs

One of the key reasons why many restaurants and bars are attracted to neon bar signs is because of their high visibility. Easily seen from a distance, neon bar signs can illuminate a place properly and make it stand out. In general, a one-inch bar sign height will be visible from up to 30 feet, whereas larger signs can be seen from up to 100 feet.

Apart from this, bar signs also improve customers’ ability to recall marketing messages and can increase customer retention significantly. They give restaurant owners the chance to build interest and engagement from customers visiting the restaurants, thus helping them feel connected to the place.

Shorter Wait Times

Digital bar signs can be used as a distraction for clients while they are waiting for their orders to be fulfilled. This makes customers feel much less dissatisfied with the waiting period. When customers are waiting for a seat at the bar, either for a food order or to pay the bill, digital bar signs can be used to generate interest, enhance curiosity, and educate/amuse them.

Apart from patrons, bar signs also help employees to become much more productive and engaged in the work environment. They allow the staff to remember which food items or drinks to promote. They also encourage customers to ask employees for more information about the menu and other products from the bar. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Restaurants and other businesses with digital bar signs report much higher customer satisfaction rates. These signs can help bar patrons learn about the menu, new drinks, happy hour specials and other similar deals that make them feel like they’re getting a good value for their money.

These signs also give customers extra time to browse the restaurant menu before making a decision and can help undecided customers as well. If you’re looking to advertise your business through an attractive signage option, neon signs for bars and restaurants are an excellent choice. Use these enticing bar signs to attract customers and improve your business’s bottom line.

Encourage More Spending

Bar signs presented on digital projectors and marketing displays in restaurants can help increase customer purchase amounts by up to 30%, as they encourage customers to make impulse purchases. Apart from this, a restaurant or bar that uses digital signage can enjoy a significant increase in the overall volume of customers.

Bar signs and magnetic signs are an excellent way to ensure that your bar is lit appropriately and that customers have a great experience. Irrespective of the theme of your bar, the entire space can be transformed by the retro glow of a neon bar sign. Choosing colours and design elements wisely allows you to light up any bar area beautifully.

Generate New Traffic

Bars and restaurants that use digital bar signs, or even flags, can generate increased first-time and repeat traffic. Also, improved messaging and brand awareness with digital signage can lead to more successful word-of-mouth marketing, and most business owners with digital bar signs enjoy the advantage of more customers.

When you invest in neon bar signage, you’re sending a positive message to your target audience that you value your clients as well as your brand image. With custom bar signs, you can conveniently showcase your value and boost your profitability while also maintaining a consistent tone and messaging

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