8 Spring Trends That Will Attract Customers

While spring is no Black Friday, increased spending around its holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day, offer major opportunities for businesses to capitalise on new customers. If you’re looking to build your business this Spring, try capitalising on one of these eight Spring trends that are sure to attract customers.

Spring Cleaning For Everyone

Once we get out of the winter chills, it’s time for a round of spring cleaning. Inspire some spring cleaning efforts by offering products and services such as organizers or relevant consultations.

It’s also a good time to do some spring cleaning for your business. Create clearance sales to get rid of unprofitable product lines and excess inventory, and take the time to tidy up your store. After all, nearly 64% of consumers will walk out of a store with poor hygiene, disorganised shelves, and below-par appearances.

Tidy Up Your Online Presence

While you’re getting into some spring cleaning, take the time to tidy up your digital presence. If you have been thinking of giving your website a makeover, spring is a great time to relaunch with a clean look before summer sales and fall holidays roll in. Bring out your new designs and use the spring to test their performance.

Revitalise Your Brand

Everyone needs a dose of liveliness after the dreary winter cold. Spring is the season of hope, rebirth, and resilience. Therefore, create a campaign around renewal; showcasing new branding activities and marketing strategies.

While you’re refreshing your brand’s image, invest in new marketing materials, such as banners, banner stands, window signs, decals, shelf signage, flyers, and more. A quick spring makeover can do wonders to revitalize your brand image.

Utilise the Colors of Spring

Colors are known to evoke and stimulate human emotions while having a variety of associations, including the seasons. For springtime, decorate your storefront or website with palettes of bright pastels, such as fresh green, blush pink, warm yellow, and cerulean blue. Springtime colors will create an inviting atmosphere for the season.

Make An Outdoor Pop Up

After spending weeks holed up in your home during winter, Spring is a great time for us all to embrace going outdoors. This spring, create an outdoor pop-up store and set up shop in an open space, like a park or garden. All you need is a table, a few frames and banner stands, and your best-selling products to provide the perfect pop-up.

Host Community Events

While we’re discussing the outdoors, consider organizing a community event. Whether picnics, potlucks, or workshops, community events will attract a crowd without needing to sell directly to customers. Regardless of sales, events are a great way to spread your brand name. Just set up a few canopies and plan out the festivities.

Celebrate Unknown Holidays

Holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day all fall around Spring. While these offer a ripe opportunity to attract more customers, you can make your business more interesting by celebrating lesser-known spring holidays, such as the Whuppity Scoorie or Penny Loaf Day. 

By utilizing a lesser known holiday, you’ll attract a cult audience and have a unique celebration for your store. When selecting an obscure holiday, find one that’ll resonate with your brand’s image, creating an association between the holiday and your store.

Weave in Tax Incentives

This is not only the season of flowers and birds: Spring is tax season. Almost 50% of online traffic around Tax Day is searching for tax-related advice or solutions. With extra disposable income, tax season is a great time for impulse spending. Run campaigns to encourage customers looking to spend their tax refund at your store or offer discounts to pragmatic filers.

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