The Groundwork for a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come

An annual event observed on the 11th of July, World Population Day reminds us about the exploding population every decade and its exacerbating impact on the human race as well as the global climate.

World Population Day is celebrated globally aiming towards effective measures and people’s awareness of numerous population issues. Effective measures are highly required to be discussed and taught about too. They can be gender equality, maternal health, the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, human rights, and other issues that require continuous discussions and improvements for human life. It is vital for commercial groups, community organizations, middle to top-notch business houses, schools, universities, and individuals to come forward and invest their initiatives, knowledge, and efforts in making this planet a healthier and better for the present and prospective generations.

Empowering Today’s Youth for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Effective measures need to be adhered to regulate the rising population globally. Be it any nation across Asia, Africa, and other continents, it is highly vital to educate and aware young minds for a supportable tomorrow. They are the key players to lead the country to progressive and prospective levels of growth. They need to be taught and informed about their rightful opportunities that many of them are being deprived of due to many cultural, economic, gender, and other barriers. Informative events like seminars, educational information sessions at school and university levels, educational programs on serious issues across villages, and many more useful events need to be organized to aware people about their rights and the true way towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Now, analyzing the COVID-19 outbreak and the unlock situation, it is extremely needed to approach the remotest, ignored yet populous villages and towns to equip people with better amenities. Unlike before, Coronavirus can be a distressing situation for the unprivileged ones as they fail to fight back the pandemic crisis due to a lack of resources. The role of government and concerned authorities in public healthcare and hygiene requires great attention and immediate initiatives to aid the poor with the best possible means.

Global concerns that seek global attention:

Sexual and Reproductive: Sexual and reproductive health needs have been ignored by individuals and organizations in the past years. Though legal authorities have come up with special awareness programs to aid the citizens in knowing about their reproductive health. But the initiatives were not that powerful to bring the change that the nation deserves. Lack of education and information on these vital health issues have resulted in perilous results for the least informed, educated, and poor strata of the society. 

Reproductive and sexual well-being is highly needed to guide the citizens, and the youth, especially on being abstinent and informed on using contraceptive methods as these are the front-line of initiatives towards protected sexual intercourse, preventing pregnancy, STDs – sexually transmitted diseases among teens. These stated efforts call for a quick and continuous awareness throughout the states and country to bring down the graph of unremitting damage to the young generation.

Early Childbirth and Marriages: One of the biggest concerns that have smashed the growth-rate among youth is early sex. The lack of information and awareness about the repercussions of early sex, excessive indulgence in alcohol, and drugs in their adolescence has exacerbated the growth of individuals and the country too. Various NGOs, legal authorities, and the United Nations have provided their valuable efforts and inputs for a sustainable

One-child and Two-child Policies: In the UK, the two-child policy took effect on the 5th of April 2017 stating to have limited childbirths per family. Be it a mandate or couple’s decision, this concern needs immediate attention to bring down the population explosion across the country. One-child or two-child policy ensures a better lifestyle and health standards of every family member without any major financial constraint. To have a constant check and awareness on this global concern, regular advertisements and awareness campaigns have been organized to aware citizens on contraceptive methods:

  • Condoms,
  • Birth-control pills
  • Surgical sterilization
  • Calendar rhythm method
  • Caps or diaphragms
  • Contraceptive injections

And many safer devices and approaches have been made available by the law to ensure the secure and healthy lives of the citizens.


Poverty brings in less or no education that hampers all the segments of the life of an individual. The need says to inform and teach the deprived ones of their rights towards basic amenities of life. Poverty is not only about being poor but there’s so much more to suffer for the families who are into this vicious cycle. Malnutrition, chronic food insecurity, hunger, disability to work, unemployment, and a lot of other concerns are a part of it. The government has introduced different programs and policies to support the poor by allocating a certain budget for their various needs. Free vocational and skilled programs are a big aid in supporting their livelihood.

Likewise, other apprehensions require urgent attention from the government for an improved and healthier planet for the citizens. Protection for the genders, child labor, immigration, water scarcity in remotest regions, unhygienic & insanitary conditions, and many more reasons have attributed to an accelerating population explosion. Immediate concern and support are required for the critical transition of youth into adulthood, educational opportunities, training, and employment for both youngsters and adults, improved methods to eradicate poverty issues, and other factors will improve the prospects for a better and enhanced future.

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