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Curbside Pick Up Only Yard Signs (Non Reflective)

Curbside Pick Up Only Yard Signs (Non Reflective)


Clearly Define Pick Up Zones with Curbside Only Signs

  • Full-colour UV printing results in high-quality graphics, boosting readability.
  • Comes with a pre-printed message, saving time and effort in self-designing.
  • Material used in construction of the signs is lightweight, making the signs portable.

Curbside Pick-Up Signs are Durable, High Quality and Customisable

Whether due to lack of infrastructure or simply to enhance customer service, curbside pick-up is steadily growing in popularity as a retail process among businesses. If you are looking to get the word out to your existing customer base or to potential customers about providing curbside pick-up service, the yard signs available on BannerBuzz are suitable advertising tools. The custom yard signs on offer are an effective way of reaching out to your local community and passers-by. The signs alert readers that you provide this convenience service, helping to increase your brand loyalty.

The yard signs with stakes use corflute in their production, which is a fluted construction material made from polypropylene. This gives durability to the signs due to the structured fluting between the boards. The overall construction provides for high tensile strength to resist winds and torsion. The material is weather-resistant and dries quickly, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Full colour and 600 DPI printing makes the advertising yard signs high in quality. The graphics are vibrant with sharp image quality and high resolution, making the signs visible from far away to attract the attention of passers-by. The UV printing technology involved in the printing process also offers protection against harmful UV rays to ensure the longevity of the graphics. With such resilience, these signs help to save on your ad spend as a one-time purchase.

Customisable, you can select single or two-side printed signs and choose to order with or without metal stakes, available to place the signs. Multiple pre-set size options are available, but you also have the option of purchasing the curbside pick-up only signs in custom measurements to cater to the unique requirements of your business.

Curbside Only Signs are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

The printing mechanism used in the production of the printed yard signs uses inks that dry through a photomechanical process that involves very little evaporation of solvents. Since this process does not release any solvents into the environment, this method is a green alternative to conventional printing and has a very small carbon footprint. This allows your company to claim that it cares about the environment and fulfils your social obligation.

The pre-printed feature offered with the yard signs with stakes allows for a quick selection and order placement process and also helps you to save time and effort. Since the signs are ready to use, you can encourage your local community to interact with your business immediately upon receipt.

Curbside Pick-Up Signs are Easily Portable

Easy to install, the signs don't require any additional tools to set up. The corflute material makes these printed yard signs lightweight and portable. They are easy to place and reposition as per your requirements, which also helps increase the return on investment ratio, making them cost-effective advertising tools.

Advertise Your Pick-Up Service with Curbside Only Signs

Spread awareness about your curbside pick-up service and drive up your sales and brand reputation. Do your part in enhancing customer experience with curbside pick-up yard signs.

  • Constructed using corflute material
  • 5mm material thickness
  • 890 GSM material weight
  • Full colour, 600 DPI, UV printing
  • Direct printing on substrate

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