Small Business Solutions: 6 Ways to Brighten Your Window Space in Order to Make Your Storefront Shine

Window spaces are one of the most important marketing mediums that a business can use. Apart from helping your business create a positive first impression in front of your target audience, window spaces also allow you to entice customers into the store. 

If done right, window spaces inform your prospects and consumers not only about the products/services you offer but also the ambience inside the store. Read on to know some tips to brighten the window space of your store and let customers know your brand is and what it stands for.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference between an effective window display and one that’s ignored by passersby. While installing lighting is expensive, the cost is well worth the effort. You can make use of artificial lighting at night time, but natural lighting makes a great difference during the daytime hours.

Therefore, make sure that your front display windows and surface decals let the light in as much as possible by avoiding unnecessary window treatments. The same can also be considered for other windows around the store.

Evoke Emotions Using Colours

Aspects that people take notice of most in window displays are colour, movement and angles. Some of the colours that people notice, even from across the street, tend to be warm tones, such as reds, yellows and oranges. Likewise, colours that make people feel calm and more relaxed are those that recede, such as beige, grey, brown, blues, and soft or dark greens.

Besides, colour has strong psychological effects on human perception, so the colour palette you choose will elicit specific reactions. For instance, the colour red triggers feelings of passion, excitement, energy, and action, so a red palette would work best in window displays conveying stories about love or excitement.

Keep it Simple

With a range of window display ideas available to use as inspiration for your storefront, it’s easy to get carried away and create a complicated display. While you want the window space of your store to look bright and exciting to draw people’s attention, displaying too much in your window is likely to overwhelm and even deter passersby.

Therefore, make sure to not add too much to your window display, or your window space will end up looking busy, crowded and unfocused. Remember that too much clutter is likely to repel and overwhelm potential passersby rather than draw their attention. 

Make Sure Your Window Displays’ Focal Point is at Eye Level

To ensure that you capture people’s imaginations through your window display, it is important to make sure that it physically grabs their attention. One of the easiest ways to do this is by placing your window display’s most visually engaging elements, like window decals, at eye level. This is simply because it is usually the key feature of the product you’re showcasing. 

Once you come up with an idea of the elements to be added, take a moment to step out onto the street and have a look at the window. Doing so will help you determine where the exact focal point should be for where you want your prospective customers to look first and concentrate their focus. Also, it should be big enough to catch customers’ attention, even from the other side of the street. 

Use Seasonal and Statement Lighting

An excellent way to keep up with the trends of each season and brighten up the window space of your store at the same time is changing the lights along with your products. For instance, if you have big hanging lights, decorate them with different light fixtures that match the current season to give your store a nice theme to work with.

It is important to remember that lighting can help you create great moods, highlight certain products/elements over others, and establish a dramatic setting for your store window display. Be strategic with lighting, as it can pay dividends in helping you get your focal point right and directing your audience’s eyes to where you want them. 

Keep it Balanced 

To ensure that your window display looks balanced and aesthetically pleasing, make sure to consider the physical design of your retail store. A balanced look will help you maintain the customers’ focus where you want it instead of having it wander around. 

The use of elevated, high-quality window displays will not only help your storefront look credible and high-quality, but also allow you to attract the kind of customers you want.

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