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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s all you need, to know us better

All about artworks and graphics

What file types are recommended for artwork uploads?
Once my reprint has been approved, can I change the artwork?
How many colors can each banner include?
Can BannerBuzz print on both sides of the banner?
Can I change my artwork once it has been approved and is in production?
What does it mean by 'Instant preview for this file type not available'?
Does BannerBuzz make vertical print banners?
Do you print height by width (H x W) or width by height (W x H)?
What if I don't like the proof of the banner?
What if the colors on the custom banner don't come out the way I expected?
What printer resolution do you use?
What printing technology do you use?

All about Products, Quality, and Materials

What is BannerBuzz's 180 Days (Six-Months) Warranty?
How can BannerBuzz offer such low prices without compromising quality?
Why should I order my custom banners from BannerBuzz?
What we meant by price inclusive of taxes?
What is BannerBuzz’s return policy?
What if my order is lost by your shipping carrier?
What is the difference between 340GSM vinyl material and 440GSM?
Do the custom banners have grommets or holes along the side for hanging? If so, can I order more for my signage?
Do the banners have slits for the wind?
Are banners waterproof? How long will they last?
I am hanging my custom banner over the street between two poles. What do you recommend to make sure it hangs properly?
Do you print neon colours?

All about Orders, Payments and Shipping

Does BannerBuzz give bigger discounts to commercial orders?
How much is the shipping cost?
How long does it take to receive my custom banner?
Will I get a full refund if I decide not to go with the order after 60 days?
Does BannerBuzz ship outside of the UK?
What if my order is not delivered within the guaranteed time frame?
Why don’t you offer next-day or two-day shipping?
May I purchase a custom sized banner?
What we meant by Price + VAT?
What if my package is returned to the sender?
Where are you located?
Can I change my order after the dimensions are approved?
Can I cancel my order and get full refund?
What If I received damaged order?
I only received part of my order - where is the rest?
Can I update my billing address?
Can I change the shipping address?
How do I reorder something I previously purchased?
Can I reorder a product but change the size?
I am a tax exempt customer and/or a reseller. How do I collect a refund for the taxes I paid?
Do you ship to APOs and FPOs?
Will the printed product look exactly like the design proof displayed on my monitor?
Can I make a correction to my order after the artwork is approved?

Have we left something out?

Drop us a mail on sales@bannerbuzz.co.uk We’re waiting!