Compact Display Package

Compact Display Package


Package Includes

  • Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner (8' x 3')- Qty 1

    Double Side, Graphic with hardware

  • Fabric Pop Up Curved Display (10' x 8')- Qty 1

    Graphic with hardware

  • Horizontal Pop Up Banner (8.53' x 3.61')- Qty 1

    Graphic with hardware


Our compact display package includes the following items:

  • Circular hanging banner for enhanced appeal.
  • Fabric pop up curved display for your booth.
  • Horizontal pop up banners for maximum visibility.

Our Compact Display Package Gets You Noticed!

Want to get maximum exposure for your brand at an event? Look no further as brings to you the most ideal display package. The compact display kit consists of different items that can all be used to decorate your booth and advertise your brand's message in the most flawless manner. This package includes the following items that you can customise as well:

  • Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner- 12 x 3
  • Fabric Pop Up Curved Display- 10 x 8
  • Horizontal Pop Up Banner- 3.5 x 8.5

All of these items are made using quality materials that stand the test of time. Whether your display is indoors or outdoors, our display items will stand still, making your brand look spectacular.

Customise Your Banners to Reflect Your Brand's Message

At, we offer complete customisation options so that your display looks outstanding. You can get in touch with our representatives and give them details about the changes you need in your banners, and we will get to it. Whether you want to change the colour of your banners or get unique graphics printed, we will do it all.

If you want to attract more audience towards your booth and increase your sales, you will need to send out a compelling message to your customers by customising your banners. You have complete freedom to choose any customisation options to make your display standout from the competitors' booths.

Superior Quality Display Package Made Using Advanced Technology

The Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner- 12 x 3, the Fabric Pop Up Curved Display- 10 x 8, and the Horizontal Pop Up Banner- 3.5 x 8.5, are all made using high quality materials that last longer than most banners out there. We only use cutting edge technology and materials to design these displays. Regardless of the place you install the items in, the display will stay intact. You can also use these banner displays at several occasions without witnessing any tear.

When it comes to customising the graphics on the fabric, we make use of advanced printing technology to ensure that the final print is flawless. The ink used for printing is also premium, making the displays perfect for all weather conditions.

Make Heads Turn with Our Displays

We design compact displays to make it easy for you to install them. The size and weight of these displays make it easy for anyone to set them up. Our display package is also great for small booths.