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Fabric Pop Up Curved Display

Fabric Pop Up Curved Display


Attract the attention of hundreds of potential clients as they walk by

  • Light weight easy to carry and set-up
  • Velcro attachment
  • Travel bag also available

Fabric pop up curved displays at BannerBuzz can fit in the back of any car and can be assembled in minutes as well. The ultimate display stand, these come in 5 different sizes and are available in both straight and curved designs. Each has box sections or pop ups that come in a range of sizes. Considered the basic industry standards for exhibition stands, fabric pop up curved displays are portable and can ensure maximum coverage for your backgrounds in any convention or tradeshow. All of our units are modular and come with their own transit cases that have wheels for easy portability.

At most the pop up displays will take 10 minutes to set up if it is being installed by a single person. No tools or special training is required at all and once it is set up, it will make your exhibit stand out for sure. Increase your chances of attracting more visitors with a display stand that will do wonders for your brand’s reputation. Leave the design, colours and graphics to our experienced design team and we guarantee an end product that will take your breath away. Our promise is backed by an industry leading warranty so you can take what we say to the bank!