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6 m Trade Show Booth - Design 5


Key Features

  • Professional Design: Enhance your presence with a cohesive 20x20 modular stand
  • Customisable Displays: Includes two fabric wall displays and a podium case with vibrant dye-sublimation printing
  • Engaging Shelving: Features aluminum and MDF board shelving for organized material display
  • Illuminating LED Lighting: Comes with four LED lights with holders to enhance stand visibility
  • Interactive Bracket: Equipped with a small TV/monitor bracket for eye-level presentations
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable fabric, and offers bulk discounts for larger orders

Sturdy Trade Show Booth Design for Professional Impact and Branding - Design 5

Strengthen your brand's presence with our 20x20 Trade Show Booth, crafted for a seamless and professional appearance. Ideal for organizations looking to present their offerings in an engaging and robust environment, this modular trade show booth is the key to forging new business connections and boosting brand awareness. Our portable trade show booth is designed to make the most of your space, providing a warm welcome that leaves a lasting mark.

Comprehensive Trade Show Booth Kit for Superior Business Exhibition

  • Fabric Wall Display 1 - Qty 2: With dimensions of 59''W x 90''H, this trade show booth backdrop is constructed from aluminium hardware and polyester fabric, boasting a graphic GSM of 210G. It employs dye-sublimation printing technology and features a pole diameter of 32mm with a 1.1mm thickness. These backdrop displays are perfect for highlighting your brand's logo, essential messages, and imagery, offering the choice of single or double-sided printing.
  • Fabric Wall Display 2 - Qty 1: This Professional 20 Ft Exhibition Stand for Business Events measures 94.5''W x 90''/100''H and is fabricated from aluminium hardware and polyester fabric, with a graphic GSM of 210G, using dye-sublimation printing. It comes with a pole diameter and thickness of 32mm and 1.1mm, respectively, and offers single or double-sided printing options.
  • Podium Case - Qty 2: Constructed of plastic and aluminium with polyester fabric, this podium measures 37"W x 40"H x 17.5"D when assembled, with shipping dimensions for the hard case at 21"W x 39"H x 15"D. The graphic GSM is 200G, featuring dye-sublimation printing and pole dimensions akin to the fabric wall displays. It acts as a podium or counter for engaging with potential clients at events, available with single-sided printing only.
  • Shelf 1 & Shelf 2 - Qty 1: Made from aluminium and MDF board, featuring a pole diameter of 32mm, a pole thickness of 1.1mm, and an MDF board thickness of 18mm. These shelves add depth to your booth, enhancing interaction with attendees and providing a neat display area.
  • LED Light with Light Holder - Qty 4: Featuring aluminium and LED bulbs, with a 12V/1.5A adapter and a 3.5m wire. The lights have a power of 11W and a brightness of 700lm, essential for spotlighting various booth elements, including graphics, products, or signs.
  • Small TV/Monitor Bracket - Qty 2: Crafted from steel, this bracket supports TV/monitor sizes from 13'' to 30'', enabling the strategic placement of a small TV or monitor for video presentations or displays.

Submit your designs promptly or at a later stage, and approve your proofs online seamlessly for an exact match with your vision. Our design team is ready to help, ensuring your artwork is presented flawlessly.

Durable 20 Ft Exhibition Booth with LED Lighting for Effortless Upkeep and Volume Discounts

Gain confidence with our durable and portable trade show booth design. For cleaning, wash the fabric in cold water with gentle detergent and tumble dry on low. Make sure the fabric is fully dry before storage to preserve the vibrant visuals for each event. Delivery services are available to ensure your booth arrives on time and in impeccable condition for your next event.