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6 m Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 3


Key Features

  • Sturdy PVC Structure: Guarantees prolonged durability and an elegant look for sustained booth presence
  • High-Quality Fabric: 190 GSM polyester for vivid colour accuracy and crystal-clear visibility
  • Improved Backlit Exhibition: 0.24 mm graphic sheet enhances brand visibility
  • Complete Exhibition Set: Includes all necessary components for a cohesive, appealing display
  • Bespoke Stall Configuration: Permits the integration of personal designs with expert assistance
  • Simple Upkeep: Supplied with dedicated cases for safe and straightforward transportation and storage

Product Overview

Make your Subsistence known: 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 3

Enhance your exhibition with our meticulously engineered 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display, designed to turn your stall into the focal point at any gathering. This display melds robustness with elegance, featuring sturdy PVC construction and solid metal bases. It is crucial to select resilient materials that sustain top-notch graphics to convey a professional image and guarantee prolonged usage. Our trade show visuals are reproduced on premium 190 GSM polyester fabric, ensuring your images are vivid with exceptional sharpness and vibrant hues. The backlit display includes a 0.24 mm thick graphic layer, expertly crafted to draw attention and amplify your brand's visibility with superior luminosity.

Whole Kit Contents with Excellent Customisation

Our all-inclusive set comprises intelligently designed elements that seamlessly come together to form an attractive exhibition:

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Qty-1): This single-sided graphic, 2.85 m x 2.5 m, includes all necessary hardware, positioning it as the perfect backdrop for your event.

  • SEG Light Box Arch Set (Qty-2): These arch sets, measuring about 1.85 m x 2.5 m, with one double-sided and one single-sided, offer various display options to boost visual interest.

  • SEG Light Box Arch (Qty-3): These 1.0 m x 2.5 m arch setups are double-sided and come with all required hardware.

  • SEG Light Box Arch Top Part (Without Base) (Qty-1): This double-sided piece, 1.0 m x 2.5 m, adds height and dimension to your layout without the need for additional base support.

  • SEG Light Box Counter (Qty-1): At 1.0 m x 1.0 m, this double-sided counter acts as both a practical workstation and a striking visual feature, equipped with graphics and hardware.

This choice ensures that your trade show setup is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its coherent and chic design. Personalise your stand by submitting your own designs or working with our expert designers. Preview your trade show displays designs on the illuminated setup prior to purchase to ensure every detail fulfils your standards.

Additions and upkeep that make it work better and last longer

Improve your display’s functionality with these essential accessories:

  • 90 Degree Connector for 2 Backdrop (Qty-6)
  • Small Base for Corner (Qty-2)
  • Left Half Base (Qty-1)
  • Right Half Base (Qty-1)
  • Connector for Arch (Right Part) (Qty-2)
  • Connector for Arch (Left Part) (Qty-2)
  • Backdrop Connection Clip (Combine 2pcs Light Box Together) (Qty-12)

These components facilitate the assembly of multiple light boxes into a large, cohesive display. To maintain the appearance of your portable trade show displays, avoid cleaning the graphics with a damp cloth. Each kit is provided with a specially designed storage bag for easy and secure transport. Utilise these bags to protect your trade show display stands, keeping them free from moisture and dust at your events. A user manual is also included for straightforward setup.

If you are seeking an eye-catching, portable, and easy-to-assemble display solution, our 20x20 options are ideal. Our custom trade show displays offer an attractive and dynamic backdrop, perfect for exhibitors seeking the best in trade show presentation.