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6 m Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 6


Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Build: Made with high-quality PVC and a firm metal base for lasting use
  • Vibrant Show Graphics: 190 GSM polyester fabric with a thickness of 0.24 mm to produce vivid pictures
  • Simple Setup Backdrops: Provides SEG light box backdrops that are easy to assemble
  • Complete Accessories Package: Equipped with essential setup accessories like connectors and base options
  • Flexible Design Options: Permits customisation with either your own designs or support from our design team
  • Portable Setup: All parts packaged with a custom bag for easy carrying

Product Overview

Make a Splash: 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 6 with Brilliant Imagery and Robust Build

Fabricated with superior PVC for the structure and a robust metal base, our 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display is engineered to withstand the rigours of any event setting. It showcases graphics printed on high-quality polyester fabric with a thickness of 0.24 mm and a GSM of 190, ensuring your visuals are vibrant and engaging. These features position our display as an excellent choice for exhibitors looking to make a substantial impact at trade shows with our trade show displays.

From Initial Setup to Event Showcase: A Comprehensive Display Package

Our meticulously curated package is designed to produce a visually striking exhibition, including:

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Qty-2): Each equipped with single-sided graphics, measuring 2.85 m x 2.50 m, and comes with all necessary hardware, creating a perfect visual base for your display.

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Side) (Qty-2): Each backdrop measures 2.70 m x 2.50 m and can be configured as double-sided or single-sided depending on the orientation of your setup, offering flexible display options.

  • Display Racks (Qty-6): These racks, each 0.782 m x 2.4 m, are designed to enhance the functionality of the display space, adding utility and style without requiring graphics.

This selection of components ensures that your trade show display stands is not only functional but also serves as a central attraction, capturing attendees' attention with its polished and unified appearance. Enhance your booth further by uploading your designs or collaborating with our professional design team. Confirm every detail of your design on the custom trade show displays to ensure everything is perfect before final confirmation.

Streamlined Installation, Stunning Displays: Your Essential Trade Show Toolkit

Optimize your display's functionality and adaptability with these indispensable accessories:

  • 90 Degree Connector for 2 Backdrop (Qty-3 pcs)
  • Small Base for Corner (Qty-2 pcs)
  • Left Half Base for Corner (Qty-1 pc)
  • Right Half Base for Corner (Qty-1 pc)

To maintain your backlit display in immaculate condition, follow straightforward care guidelines: avoid cleaning the graphics with a damp cloth. Each setup also includes a bespoke storage bag, designed for secure and convenient transport. These bags protect your portable trade show displays from dust and moisture, ensuring they remain in top condition for every event. A user manual is included to facilitate easy setup.

Opt for our 20ft x 20ft trade show displays for an exceptional setup that is quick to assemble and easy to transport. Ideal for exhibitors who demand the finest in trade show display to create a visually arresting backdrop that captivates and engages attendees, enhancing your presence at any event.