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6 m Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 7


Key Features

  • Robust Materials: Made from high-quality PVC and metal for enhanced durability
  • Advanced Graphics: Features 0.24 mm thick, 190 GSM polyester fabric for clear and vibrant images
  • Customisable Design Choices: Allows for uploading unique designs or utilising expert design services
  • Essential Accessories: Includes necessary connectors and clips for improved display functionality
  • Adaptable Display Settings: Backdrops can be customised to enhance visual impact
  • Easy Assembly and Mobility: Designed for quick and easy setup, ideal for mobile exhibitors

Product Overview

Make Your Mark at the Expo: Showcase Your Brand with the 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display - Design 7

Constructed with top-quality PVC for the framework and a robust metal base, our 20ft Backlit Trade Show Display is designed to endure any event setting. The graphics, printed on premium polyester fabric with a thickness of 0.24 mm and a GSM of 190, are crafted to produce vivid and striking visuals. Providing a spacious area of approximately 20ft x 20ft, this display offers extensive space for dynamic branding and active audience engagement. These features render our display a superior choice for exhibitors aiming to make a significant impact at trade shows with our trade show display stands.

Draw Crowds with Complete Packaging Solutions and Customised Trade Show Displays

Our comprehensive package comes together to form an exceptionally striking exhibition, featuring:

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Qty-2): Each measuring 2.85 m x 2.50 m, fitted with single-sided graphics and all required mounting hardware.

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Qty-1): Measures 1.70 m x 2.50 m, equipped with adaptable hardware for either double-sided or single-sided configurations, depending on the orientation of the setup.

  • SEG Light Box Backdrop (Qty-4): Each backdrop is 1 m x 2.50 m with double-sided graphics; adjustable to single-sided for enhanced display flexibility.

  • Door (Qty-1): 1 m x 2.50 m of size, furnished with single-sided graphics and all essential hardware, serving effectively as an entryway or division within your display.

  • Aluminium (Qty-1): Measures 1 m x 1 m x 0.12 m (W X H X D), a double-sided counter that merges functionality with visual appeal, fully outfitted with graphics and hardware.

This collection of components ensures that your trade show displays is not merely operational but also a central point for drawing attendee interest due to its unified and sophisticated appearance. Enhance your booth further by uploading your own designs or collaborating with our expert design team. Review your design on the custom trade show displays to ensure every element meets your criteria before finalising your order.

Vital Light Box Accessories and Maintenance Guidance

Enhance your setup with these essential accessories designed to maximise the functionality and adaptability of your display:

  • 90 Degree Connector for 2 Backdrop (Qty-3 pcs)
  • Small Base for Corner (Qty-3 pcs)
  • Connector for Arch (Right Part) (Qty-2 pcs)
  • Connector for Arch (Left Part) (Qty-2 pcs)
  • Backdrop Connection Clip (Combine 2pcs Light Box Together) (Qty-12 pcs)
  • L Shape Top Connector (Qty-1 pc)
  • Straight Corner Connector (Qty-2 pcs)

To maintain your backlit display in pristine condition, adhere to simple care instructions: avoid using a damp cloth on the graphics. Each piece also includes a dedicated storage bag, crafted for secure and straightforward transportation. These bags safeguard your portable trade show displays from dust and moisture, maintaining their superb condition for each event. To assist in a seamless set up, a manual guide is provided.

Opt for our 20ft x 20ft trade show displays for an impressive setup that's quick to assemble and easy to transport. Ideal for exhibitors seeking top-tier trade show display stands it provides a visually arresting backdrop that captures and holds the attention of attendees.