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360 Spinner Booth Enclosure


Key Features

  • Radiant Lighting: Remote-controlled LED lighting projects vibrant, customisable colours
  • Expansive Space: 10ft*7.5ft dimensions provide a spacious setting for immersive photo engagements
  • Impeccable Precision: Full-colour dye-sublimation printing ensures every detail is strikingly captured
  • Robust Construction: A solid aluminium tube framework affords stability across any event
  • Adaptable Aesthetics: Single or double-sided printing options grant the liberty of design
  • Simplified Care: The convenience of machine washable polyester fabric makes upkeep a breeze

Product Overview

Embark on a 360° Photographic Adventure

Step through the doorway to enchantment with our 360 Spinner Booth Enclosure. Towering at an impressive 10ft*7.5ft, this is far more than just a photo booth backdrop; it's a passage to a captivating 360° exploration. Meticulously crafted from superior polyester fabric featuring a graphic density of 260 GSM and brought to life with sharp, full-colour, 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing, every colour and detail is showcased with absolute clarity. Its sturdy framework, constructed from 1.25" / 32mm aluminium tubes, harmonises perfectly with the gleaming LED light tubes. With easy attachment via Velcro and remote control, any event photo booth becomes a lively and vivid focal point.

Sculpt Your Perfect Photographic Scene

Forge moments that perfectly echo your personal style with our wide array of customisation options. Whether opting for single or double-sided prints, adding the allure of LED lights to your configuration enhances your scene. Our 360 spinner photo booth for dynamic shots offers an additional layer of personalisation with its straightforward artwork upload feature, ensuring your booth is as unique as your event. Whether you're in pursuit of a portable photo booth for sale or an interactive 360-degree photo booth enclosure for parties, our offerings are crafted to turn every photograph into an indelible memory.

Simple Maintenance, Lasting Elegance

Keep the beauty of your photo booth for parties intact with our easy-to-follow care instructions. Choose between machine washing with a gentle detergent or hand washing to keep the fabric in pristine condition. For drying, laying flat is recommended to achieve the best result, although drip/line drying or using a gentle tumble dry on a low setting are effective alternatives. This straightforward approach to maintenance ensures your photo booth backdrop remains an icon of beauty and practicality for years to come.