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Acrylic Signs


Put up our acrylic signs on your doors and garner attention from your targeted audience

Acrylic is a hard and durable plastic material, which is great for both indoor and outdoor usage. With Banner Buzz acrylic signs, you can portray your brand image in an effective manner and give off a good impression to your clients.

At Banner Buzz UK, we have a large selection of acrylic signs, including both door acrylic signs and home acrylic signs. Most of these signs are rectangular, but we can provide you signs in any shape that you want. Get in touch with us; let us know your needs, and weƒ??ll get started on them right away.

Features that contribute to a better brand image

  • Thickness of 5 mm
  • Two mounting options: frame and stand-off
  • Quality prints with a a glazed finish
  • Can be used in any type of weather

Additional options for a more refined and classier look

  • A flame polished edge - Gives your sign a glossy sort of finish, and makes it look like a glass sign, instead of an acrylic sign
  • Customized shapes - Our standard acrylic door signs are in the shape of a rectangle. If you want some other shape like a circle or a square, we will take care of it
  • Varying sizes - Banner Buzz UK can provide you with acrylic house signs of any size other than the standard options.
  • Place an order with us today and let our acrylic signs contribute to your brand image!