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Adjustable Banner Stand


At BannerBuzz, we also offer adjustable banner stands at prices and with modifications that you will not find anywhere else in the UK. These brand new additions are great alternatives and more durable than standard roller banner stands and can prove to be an asset during your advertising campaigns. You can choose to use a single one on its own either single or double sided or you can choose to order a series to create a larger display that is completely portable to boot. We designed the adjustable banner stands for maximum convenience as well. The clever design features a folding screen that is set up with a pair of upright posts that can be adjusted to span. Increase or decrease the span with the knob and viola!

In other words, you can set the banners according to any width in minutes. Just pull the posts apart to increase the width and check measurements with the marked scale. You can even pre-set it according to the range you need in seconds which will shave off a lot of time from the set up. Once you determine the width, you can set up the graphic panel to the framework easily enough. These can be provided printed single or double sided according to your needs.