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Backlit Banners


There are many types of banners used for promotional and marketing activities. One such banner is the backlit banner. Backlit banners are used to promote or market a product, service or a brand. Unlike ordinary banners, these banners stand out for many reasons. A backlit banner utilizes a special translucent versatile material that makes the image in the banner “luminescent.” Designed to be lit from behind, these banners can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. The light will add more color depth to the image.

When you opt for a backlit banner, you will get a banner with luminous graphics and matt finishing. The graphics are printed with solvent-based inks that are guaranteed to last for years. Moreover, though the banner is made from a translucent material, it is weather and tear resistant. The material is also made from a flame retardant material; that means it cannot combust easily. The graphics in a backlit banner are more outstanding than ordinary banners because the back lighting enhances the graphics. A great advantage of using a backlit banner is that it is visible in the morning and night. Banners in backlit boxes create striking graphic displays, which is why they are especially common in shopping malls, galleries and airports. You will also find big backlit banners on roadsides.

Special Features of Backlit Banners

  • The backlit banner can withstand temperature as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Printed in high resolution- up to 1000 dpi.
  • Special inks with automotive-grade pigment are used for printing. These inks are designed to last for more than three years.

Why choose BannerBuzz UK?

At BannerBuzz UK, we print our Backlit PVC banners with the latest digital printing technology. This technology produces prints with vibrant colors that illuminate with back lighting. We guarantee customer satisfaction because our printing technology produces durable and weather-proof printing. We offer fast service because we know every minute is precious to our customers. Our turnaround time is a maximum of 5 days.

We deliver backlit banner in any size up to 5 meters wide by any length. All the panels are welded together. We give the banner a glossy, matte or satin finishing, so that you have excellent results when you use back lighting. For any queries, contact our customer service and our staff will guide and assist you. We guarantee you will have the best backlit banner in town!