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Backlit Film

Backlit Film


Backlit film give emphasis to the power of light and are perfect for catching the eye of your prospective customers.

  • It's a high quality translucent graphic film
  • Backlit film is the medium of choice for light boxes or any application that you would like to light from behind.
  • Set up is easy and takes just minutes
  • Get the seamless product up to 4.66 ft width or height

Create a Buzz with Bannerbuzz!

When it comes to creating a buzz, you cannot go wrong with backlit banners. As far as impressive advertising mediums go, they never fail to make an impression on the viewers they are intended for. So what better way to create the buzz you need than turning to Bannerbuzz? Our bespoke backlit banners are ideal for special events, outdoor and indoor signage that will leave your target viewers in awe.

Use Backlit Film Signs to Create an Unforgettable Impression

How do we do it? With backlit film signs that can give your signs and message a presence of their own. These are typically large signs that are lit from behind via a light box that is installed with them. The printing can be static or animated according to your requirements and boast great depth of colour and vibrance that simple banners might not.

The backlit film printing we do leaves no room for error and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage regardless of weather and lighting conditions. That's what makes our banners some of the best in the industry! You can even request custom designs, colours and images and have each banner stamped with your company's logo clearly.

Give your Imagination Free Reign - in HD!

As mentioned above, you can have free reign on what you need and how you need it to be portrayed on your outdoor backlit film banner. The team at Bannerbuzz is always ready to help you every step of the way and will aid you in bringing your concepts to life in print. Once the printing process is don'the backlit film will do the rest, by enhancing the images on the banner tenfold and making them much sharper and thus, more impactful.

We have a range of choices for you to choose from, so what are you waiting for? If you want your sign to stand out in a department store, salons or even airports, give us a call and we'll hook you up.

Make a Glowing Impression with Backlit Banners

No need to turn to cheap alternatives when you can get premium quality backlit film printing banners with Bannerbuzz. Besides printing in the highest resolution on only the best quality film, we ensure that your brand message does not leave your target market guessing.

We only print using eco friendly ink that lasts way longer than their cheaper counterparts and can stand the test of time and those harmful UV rays. In other words, you can expect high turnover rates when you turn to our banner solutions regardless of your location or weather, for years to come!

So whether you need backlit banner designs for:

  • Airport signs
  • Window presentations
  • Menu displays
  • Exhibits
  • Posters and Photos

Turn to Bannerbuzz for 'illuminating' banners that will light up the nights (and days) and mesmerize your potential customers. Call our friendly 24/7 customer support now for a quick quote and let Bannerbuzz create the buzz for your brand.