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Bollard Covers - Triangle


High-Visibility Triangle Bollard Covers for Branding

Elevate your brand's profile with our striking triangular bollard covers, ideal for both shop fronts and car park areas. These covers from BannerBuzz are not only visually appealing but also serve as an effective tool for brand advertising. They are ingeniously designed to transform standard bollards into dynamic branding platforms.

Constructed from hard-wearing, high-grade materials, our bespoke bollard covers are specifically fashioned for outdoor use. Each cover is 5mm thick, weighs 890 GSM, and is made from robust corflute, ensuring durability and steadfastness for your prolonged display requirements.

These protective bollard covers are unique in offering a three-sided printing option, enabling your brand's message to be vividly displayed from all angles, thus increasing visibility. This design is crucial in not only engaging your current customers but also in attracting potential customers and passers-by, significantly boosting your brand awareness.

Robust Triangle Bollard Covers for Effective Branding

Our customisable triangle bollard covers are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. These straightforward-to-display covers are easily installed thanks to their self-locking mechanism, ensuring a perfect fit over bollards or posts. They are an excellent choice for managing road traffic and improving pedestrian safety, making them a practical addition to any business.

We offer six pre-set sizes, ranging from 7 to 14 inches in width, to accommodate a range of bollard sizes. Do check our size tab for a brief overview of the available dimensions.

Featuring high-quality, full-colour, 600 DPI printing, our bollard covers ensure your branding stays vibrant and conspicuous. The UV-resistant prints protect your graphics from fading, ideal for long-standing outdoor exposure.

Personalising these covers is straightforward. Simply upload your promotional material, brand logo, or imagery by clicking on the 'Upload Artwork & Checkout' tab for an effortless branding process.

Bulk Discounts on Triangle Bollard Covers for Storefront Promotion

Optimise your marketing strategy with our cost-effective triangular bollard covers, offered with attractive bulk discounts. Ideal for amplifying brand recognition across various locations, these triangle bollard covers are perfect for extensive promotional campaigns. Conveniently select the quantities you require via our bulk discount tab, ensuring an economical choice for your shopfront or outdoor advertising needs. Our bulk purchasing options are designed to support your marketing endeavours, providing an economical yet effective means for brand exposure and announcements.