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Breakaway Banners


Want to blow away the courage of the opponent team? Want your team to show their energy and enthusiasm for the game when they enter the basketball court or football field? Then why not opt for a custom designed breakaway banner to break the monotony of the game, even before it begins!

Let The Games Begin!

Have you organized a major game event which has a number of categories and segments with a lot of people participating in it? Do you want to begin the games with a big ceremony, with all the participants racing through a huge breakaway banner to announce the start of the games? Way to start the event in style!

Nothing can match the charm of a team charging through a custom breakaway banner, storming onto the game field, all excited about the event. A durable banner which breaks off in the middle as you charge through it, gives off the right impression that you are all set for the game and are in the field to win. And we help you make that lasting impression in the right way!

Breakaway Banners- An Exhilarating Start And A Sweeping Finish To An Event!

If you want your team to feel special on the day of an important game, just prepare an impressive welcome for them. Order a custom designed run through banner to give their morale a boost, and show it off to the team at a pre-game party, to let them know of the great entrance you have organized for them.

Is there an upcoming school marathon and you want the winner to celebrate his win in a sweeping style? Then just place an order for an online breakaway banner, and watch the winner run through the banner at the end of the finish line!

Plenty of Styles and Materials to Choose From!

You can opt for a vinyl breakaway banner or a PVC breakaway banner, whichever meets your requirements and needs. If you are looking for a durable option in breakaway banners, just send us the details and we'll provide you with a product which will be exactly according to your need, to make your event extra special!

If you have a particular pattern in mind for the custom breakaway banner for your team, then send us your artwork, and we'll utilize our expert services to deliver you a durable and high resolution image on the printed banner, which will energize your team members and be a great start to the game!

If you wish to design a breakaway banner, then use our online design tool, to formulate a pattern which will look great on the front of your team banner. Include the team logo and mascot's image, and also add the team slogan to use the banner as a cheering display option, after the team has made a grand entrance into the field!

Product Specifications

The run through banners have:

  • A lightweight durable banner fabric.
  • Satin nylon details for easy holding.
  • Touch buttons designed on the joints of the banner, which ensures easy reusing and simple tearing of the banner.
  • Variety of banner sizes to choose from along with the option to order a banner with customized dimensions.

If you want any more information about our products or services, just call us at 020-3514-3788, and ask our expert team for assistance.