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Candle Labels


Candle Labels - Leave an illuminating impression with premium labels

  • Finer personalization, with surface for permanent ink or ballpoint pens
  • Permanent adhesive back, with longer durability
  • Available in both matte, as well as glossy finish

A candle by its very virtue, illuminates the darkness and spreads light. Our premium stickers for candles not just complement your candle, but also enhance its visibility and exude class. Now celebrate the true essence of a candle, and dissolve yourself in the aura of surroundings, with our highly customizable labels for candles, perfect for:

  • Gifts
  • Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Other events, and as
  • Souvenirs

Make your audience fall in love with the candles even before they are lit. Our custom candle labels are made from top-quality that adds a premium shine to products and packaging. Our uncanny design further helps your product stand out among your competitors, and grab maximum eyeballs. Personalized candle labels are ideal for business owners for branding purposes, or hobbyists looking to revamp their candle packaging and leverage its marketing potential during gifts and giveaways.

The personalized candle stickers also allow you to include short messages, company motto, product information, or pictures - allowing for significant value addition to an otherwise ordinary candle. They come in different custom sizes, and are available for orders from 25 to 5000 prints.

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