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Canning Labels

Canning Labels

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Vibrant custom labels to captivate the audience
  • Finish Options: Available in 70 lb label matte and glossy finishes for unique looks
  • Size Variety: Various sizes for ample branding space and personalisation
  • Indoor Suitability: Ideal for business meetings, concerts, and indoor events
  • Write-on Flexibility: Compatible with pens and markers for effective marketing
  • Bulk Availability: Ranges from 25 to 5000, accommodating all business sizes

Customisable and Personalised Canning Labels for Indoor Use

Elevate your products in the UK with our Vibrant and Colourful Canning Labels. These Custom Canning Labels from BannerBuzz are designed to enhance your brand's image, making them a surefire choice to attract your British audience. Our labels come in a range of sizes, offering extensive space for Branding. They are fully Customisable, allowing you to adapt them to your logo and brand's name, perfect for creating Personalised Jar Labels.

Specifically Crafted for Indoor Use, These Stickers & Labels are ideal for business meetings, large concerts, and various indoor events across the UK. Although they are not waterproof, the Matte and Glossy Jar Stickers provide both style and durability for indoor settings. Our Versatile Canning Labels allow you to write on them with a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker, ideal for adding temporary discounts or special offers. This feature is essential for dynamic marketing strategies.

Stickers & Labels with Distinct Print Finishes

Our Personalised Jar Labels are available in two unique finishes: 70 lb label matte and label gloss. Each finish brings its own aesthetic. The Gloss Finish is excellent for enhancing label visibility at large indoor events or concerts, while the Matte Finish Labels offer a more subdued elegance, suitable for settings like quiet boardroom meetings. These labels also facilitate the addition of Handwritten Notes on the reverse side, a thoughtful feature for personalised communication. Printing is possible on the front side only.

Bulk Canning Labels for Every Business

Whether you're a small-scale artisan or a large producer, our Canning Labels are available in bulk, with packs ranging from 25 to 5000 units, ensuring you have the correct quantity for your needs. Opt for BannerBuzz Labels for high-quality, Custom Printed Canning Labels that exemplify your brand's excellence in the UK market.