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Church at Home Join Us on Facebook Garden Flags


Garden Flags are Durable, High Quality and Customisable

In situations where churches and other public sites must shut down operations for some time, the problem of how to inform visitors of the situation arises. These church flags relay information about the facility being closed for an unknown period, making them an apt solution. They are an effective way to request followers or devotees to stay at home and join the prayer via Facebook or other online media, while following precautionary safety measures.

Constructed of premium quality 110 GSM knitted flag fabric and mounted upon a sturdy iron pole, the design of these garden flags helps them withstand daily wear and tear. The materials used offer high durability and maximum resistance to harsh weather, making them suited for outdoor use. Made of high-grade materials, you can be confident in the flags' longevity, which allows you to broadcast important information regarding the situation for as long as necessary.

The sublimation printing technology involved in the creation process of these prayer flags results in exceptional print quality. This ensures vibrant and colourful images, and also serves to increase noticeability and legibility. This makes the flags ideal for displaying outside to communicate a message to the public with high quality graphics.

BannerBuzz offers the option to select between single-reverse printing (with a transparency rate of 50-60%) or 2-sided printing. The customisation option of single-sided flags helps you to select an awareness tool specific to your requirements.

Church Yard Signs are Portable and Easy to Install

BannerBuzz church flags come with flag poles and stands that can be easily moved from one place to another, offering portability. As they can be easily used in different locations, they also help increase ROI, which makes them a prudent tool for communicating information.

You do not need extra tools to set up these flags, which makes them very easy to install. The installation of the pole takes only a few seconds, and all that remains to do after that is to slide the iron pole inside the fabric until the entire flag is attached.

Garden Flags are Ready to Use

The pre-printed church flags bear the message: Church at Home Join Us On Facebook Live Sunday 9:30 AM. This pre-designed and pre-printed feature allows for a quick selection and order placement process and also helps the facility to save time and effort. The setup takes no time and the flags are ready for display following the quick installation process.

Single-Sided Church Yard Signs For Effective Communication about At-Home Prayer Sessions

BannerBuzz offers garden flags that are durable and effective information dissemination tools with bold graphics and clear messages.

  • Long-lasting sublimation printing
  • 110 GSM knitted flag fabric
  • Measures 52x10x10 CM
  • Sturdy iron pole
  • Single-sided printing shows mirrored image with 50-60% visibility

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