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Clip Flags - Blade

Clip Flags - Blade


Because why shouldn't you promote even when on the go?!

  • Increases the visibility of your message anytime, anywhere.
  • Suits best for product promotion, events and press conference
  • Easy to install

The best - and the most effective way to get attention when travelling

  • Clip flags can get eyes turning and people noticing your message instantly. Clip 'em on the car and enjoy the attention that you get!
  • These flags are of high quality and durability, so you can use them for prolonged periods without the fabric getting torn or the colours fading away.
  • We offer both single sided and double sided printing.
  • These flags come with an easy to install options
  • The pivoting pole makes it easy for the flag to sway in the wind. Plus, it reduces wear and tear, and prevents the flag from getting torn.

Custom flags designed especially for your individual needs

  • BannerBuzz offers custom clip flags on which you can get any message of your choice printed along with the business logo.
  • Our custom clip flags are also printed using the same inks as our regular flags so you get the same quality that BannerBuzz is known for.
  • The standard kit contains the clip flag, pole and clip.
  • Order our clip flags today!