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Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Garden Flags


Garden Flags are Durable, High Quality and Ready-to-Use

Every establishment requires methods of clear visual communication of key safety messages and to alert visitors to stop if displaying symptoms, in order to prevent the spread of contagious pathogens. Our custom garden flags are an efficient tool for this, as they concisely communicate the requirement of precautionary measures to employees, customers and passers-by, reminding them to take safety measures.

Made from 90 GSM knitted flag fabric and mounted upon a sturdy iron pole, the safety signs are durable and provide longevity. The material offers maximum strength to combat the effects of harsh sunlight, making them well-suited for outdoor use.

Created using sublimation printing processes, these custom garden flags offer high-quality graphics. The bold colours coupled with clear messaging make them noticeable and offer high legibility.

BannerBuzz helps you quickly establish a ready-to-use awareness tool to inform visitors coming to your facility to stop at that point if displaying symptoms. Our garden flags are ready to use with pre-printed messages, which helps save you time and effort.

Order Customisable and Easy-to-Install Printed Flags

BannerBuzz offers custom garden flags in two different print options — single-sided and double-sided. Signs with graphics printed on both sides aid you in disseminating more information, whereas single-side printed flags show the graphics on the back-side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility. This freedom to individualise your safety alert signage helps you to purchase a product specific to your business requirements.

No extra tools are needed to put up the safety signs, making for an easy to install process. All you have to do is slide the iron pole inside the fabric, and the flag is ready to be placed wherever desired.

Get Discounts with Bulk Purchases of Garden Flags

BannerBuzz custom garden flags are offered with convenient doorstep delivery and multiple sHIPping options. You may choose to sHIP based on your budget and required delivery speed. This, along with discounts when making bulk purchases, optimises ROI and boosts your revenue.

Printed Flags for Clear and Effective Communication

Prompt visitors coming to your facility to not go further than the stated point by displaying stop here if you have coronavirus symptoms garden flags with bold graphics and clear messages.

  • Made with 90 GSM knitted flag fabric
  • Created using sublimation printing
  • Provided with an iron pole
  • Offered in 52x10x10 cm dimensions
  • Single-sided printing, mirrored image on back with 50-60% visibility

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