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Covid-19 Prevention Wash Your Hands Indoor Floor Mats


Indoor Floor Mats are High-Quality, Durable and Customisable

Businesses are looking for innovative ways to ensure that their guests and employees keep their hands clean and are cautious of others to avoid spreading pathogens. Though communication is crucial in this regard, you cannot keep track of everybody inside your facility. With printed floor mats, you can display a message that politely reminds your guests to maintain a healthy environment.

Our wash your hands signs are made of durable coral fleece and non-woven backing in one flat pad. With 10 mm thickness, they can withstand standard foot traffic should you use them as floor mats. With included grippers on the back side, the rugs will stay in place and won't wrinkle or buckle, reducing damage from wear. This contributes to the longevity of these informational mats, so you save resources over time.

With 1440 DPI, these prevention signs provide sharp and clear graphics to ensure a visible message. The high-quality dye-sublimation printing and thick black stripes ensure the mats will attract attention from guests. With the high contrast lettering, guests can easily read the bold text and understand its meaning without stopping.

These customisable indoor floor mats are available in two sizes, each ideal for doorways, hallways and entrances or in front of sinks. Either size of mat displays its message in print large enough for passers-by to read clearly.

Wash Your Hands Signs are Ready To Use and Relocate

Our prevention signs are lightweight and portable, so you can pick them up and relocate them at will, increasing your return on investment. Their high quality construction helps them hold up to transport, and their compact size means they're easy to store until it's time for reuse.

The ready-to-use indoor floor mats come with a pre-printed message out of the box, with the wash your hands message conveniently printed right on the mat. Save time and money with these prepared health messages while sparing yourself from designing your own. You can lay the mats down immediately upon receipt for instant communication to staff and visitors.

Indoor Floor Mats Available in Bulk with Multiple Shipping Options

BannerBuzz designs prevention signs and floor mats for all businesses, regardless of size or scope. Include more than one of the same mat in your order and the cost per mat will reduce with our generous bulk discounts, on all orders from 2 to over 500. There are also multiple shipping options, through which you can prioritise budget or speed to facilitate delivery to your location. If you need the mats quickly, choose our doorstep delivery option.

Wash Your Hands Signs for Demonstrating Health Etiquette

Communicate simple health practices to your guests and employees with durable and high-quality indoor floor mats.

Shop for COVID-19 Prevention Wash Your Hands Indoor Floor Mats for your business online at BannerBuzz.