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Cross Base


Our Sturdy 3.1kg Metal Cross Base is Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Flag banners need the right bases to stand on. They can have a better chance of being noticed when set up using a good, suitable base. We offer a sleek, modern cross base for your flag banners. You can easily set up your flag banner in your space and grab the attention of many.

Our cross base is made of pure durable metal alloy and robust steel with a polished finish. The legs and centre are joined firmly and are resilient enough to withstand minor push and pulls.

We provide a design with 4 legs, each of which is 14.5" long. The base has a ground clearance of 55mm and a diameter of 13.5mm. It also includes a holder that has a diameter of 16.5mm.

Our metal cross base is lightweight and weighs 3.1 kg. This weight ensures that it is portable, easy to carry yet sturdy when placed.

Cross Base is Ideal For Indoors & Hard Surface Ground

Our cross base is designed for use indoors and in a moderate environment. You can place these bases on hard surfaces such as pavements, stones and bricks. If you use them outdoors, place them on impervious surfaces and on ground covered with grass.

We recommend you make the right choice for your banner flag base. Check out our other bases - square base for pinpoint flags in outdoor windy conditions and ground flag spike base for outdoor environments.

Flag Banners Best Suited for our Cross Base

Our cross base can be used to set up different kinds of flags in your space. These include feather flag bases, plus those for teardrop flags, blade flags, pinpoint flags, shark-fin flags, concave flags and L-flags.