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Curve Fabric Exhibition Stands


Curved Pillow Case Backdrop: The Premier UK Display Choice for Exhibitions and Events

Seeking to enhance your trade show or corporate presentation within the UK? Discover our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop, a perfect blend of design elegance and utility. Ideal for trade shows, marketing campaigns, and other venues where leaving a lasting impression is paramount, our backdrops distinctly rise above the competition.

Manufactured using top-notch polyester fabric, the Curve Pillow Case Backdrop assures both sturdiness and extended lifespan. Boasting a graphic weight of 230 GSM, this backdrop has been crafted to endure, ensuring it remains a steadfast part of your events. The spacious dimensions of 8 ft by 8 ft cater to your personalised messages and designs, positioning it as the prime Custom Curve Backdrop for various UK occasions.

Its assembly is straightforward, facilitated by the Pillowcase Backdrop Stand. This autonomous and sleek design guarantees a seamless setup experience. If you've questioned how to erect a Curved Pillow Case Display, it's as simple as slipping in the display banner, reminiscent of adorning a pillowcase. Thoughtfully designed zippers located at the base and the right-hand side ensure the banner transitions are effortless. Additionally, the included pole, with its 32mm diameter and 1.4mm thickness, lends robust support.

For those evaluating the advantages of the Curve Pillow Case for UK exhibitions, the perks are extensive. Ranging from the Wrinkle-free Curve Pillow Case Backdrop material to the adaptability of curved stretch fabric displays, your events will exude an unmatched professional flair. And, should you seek a unique design expression, our collection comprises Custom printed Curve Pillow Case Backdrop designs to seamlessly align with your brand's character.

Exceptional Imagery with In-depth Colour Printing

Witness the luminosity of full-colour, 1440 DPI dye sublimation printing with our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop. Such precision-driven printing technique captivates with vivid and eye-catching graphics, ensuring your brand leaves an indelible mark on attendees.

Maintaining the backdrop is notably effortless. Whether you lean towards a machine wash using a mild detergent or a gentle hand wash, the banner's robustness remains unscathed. To prolong its life, laying them flat for drying is advised, although options like line or drip drying are equally proficient. When opting for machine drying, the gentlest settings maintain the backdrop's impeccable appearance.

Bulk Purchases: Enhanced Savings

Benefit from our attractive pricing! Prioritising value, we promote larger procurements with compelling bulk order reductions. Our online discount chart elucidates the potential savings. Whether your preference leans towards a Custom Curve Backdrop or a Curved Booth Display, greater commitments yield significant savings.