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Printed Matte Paper Bags


Transform Your Branding with Our Custom Matte Paper Bags

In the ever-adapting arena of retail packaging in the UK, making a distinctive impression is paramount. Presenting our custom printed matte paper bags – the zenith of contemporary and sustainable design. These bags, boasting their distinguished matte finish, exude an aura of luxury, amplifying the sophisticated ambience of high-end retail outlets and event venues. The charming matte aesthetic undeniably entices many.

Opt for our robust 170 GSM or the more substantial 300 GSM Art papers to fashion your matte bags. These diverse GSM paper weights offer adaptability in selecting the ideal paper quality for varied uses. In essence, an elevated GSM imparts a richer texture, assuring both resilience and sophistication. Importantly, these eco-friendly matte paper bags degrade naturally upon disposal, underscoring our dedication to eco-conscious endeavours.

Our printed matte bags are available in sizes from 7.6 to 40.64 cm (3 to 16 inches), meticulously tailored to house items from the dainty to the sizable. Their adaptability goes beyond simple containment, morphing them into mobile advertisements as they traverse the streets. This amplifies brand prominence, presenting businesses an effective and economical marketing strategy. At BannerBuzz, we are committed to assembling a selection of top-tier, enduring paper bags crafted for the diverse needs of consumers. Beyond a single use, these reusable printed matte bags merge style with tenacity, fostering frequent use and minimising waste.

Full Spectrum Elegance: Your Brand and Colors

Experience the revolutionary impact of printed bags with our bespoke printed matte paper bags. Crafted to bolster brand visibility, these matte bags can be refined to echo your distinct design and requirements. With our cutting-edge, full-colour digital printing, every facet stands out with impeccable clarity – from intricate text to vivid graphics. Whether you favour a simple single-sided or a detailed double-sided print, your specifications are our priority. To enhance and offset your preferred shade, these paper bags come equipped with sturdy nylon handles, accessible in a range of colours.

Designing Excellence: Comprehensive Customisation Choices

Central to our offerings is a modifiable in-line production methodology. This avails a multitude of customisation options. Whether its choosing dimensions spanning from the compact printed matte bags to expansive retail versions, or determining the chic appeal of luxury matte paper bags for business endeavours, the options are vast. Furthermore, with a spectrum of colours to choose from, seamlessly synchronising the bag's shade with your brand's ethos is effortless.