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Custom Oversized Cheque

Custom Oversized Cheque


Custom Badges

  • Giant checks are great for presentations to charities, prize presentations, etc.
  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • Easy to customize with your logo, name, etc.

High-Quality and Durable Giant Cheque are Customizable

Sometimes businesses need promotional items to get attention. Find new ways to create fun and memorable events while using our giant Cheque. Mark special occasions with photo-ops to increase job incentives or to promote your business. These promotional Cheque offer an amusing way to reward contest winners or to show support for charities in a big way. The high-quality look and personalization let you advertise your growing brand.

A PVC foam sheet gives the big Cheque long-lasting wear. Each check is 3 mm thick for sturdiness and reliability. The PVC material is moisture resistant, so the Cheque work for indoor or outdoor events.

Reward clients or companies with high-quality promotional Cheque. We use UV technology printing which has an excellent resolution to help make every detail visible from a distance. The text and images printed have a vibrant finish and sharp contrast. This helps attract attention to your desired message and showcases your company.

Customize the charity Cheque for your business with a range of options, such as the size. For unique brand requirements, there is an option to add specific instructions. To create images, use the online design tool provided or upload your own artwork.

Easily Write on the Portable Giant Cheque

Our big Cheque are lightweight for easy portability. The foam sheet design used to make these Cheque allows for simple storage or for quick transportation.

Personalize the charity Cheque by writing on their surface. Change names or amounts to accommodate different presentations, charities, or prize winners.

For One-Time Use Only: Our oversized Cheque come with a specially designed writable surface that can be easily customized using a pen or permanent marker. Feel free to express your message clearly and boldly on this spacious form board. Once you've written on them, the ink becomes non-removable, ensuring the authenticity of your presentation.

Please note that these Cheque are designed for single or one-time use. The content is permanent and intended to leave a lasting impression.

Simple to Order Giant Cheque

Meet your business demands with the various shipping options provided. Get the big Cheque delivered right to your doorstep for convenience. Select from the options based on your budget requirements or the urgency with which you need the Cheque.

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