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Custom Wristbands


Key Features

  • Durability and Comfort: Resistant to water and perspiration, ensuring sustained wearability
  • Colour Fastness: Retains quality even after exposure to moisture
  • Refined Practicality: Satin fabric blends aesthetic appeal with functional utility
  • Enhanced Printing Precision: Dye sublimation technology delivers vibrant and lasting colours
  • Extensive Personalisation Options: Offers a selection of graphics, font styles, and themes for customisation
  • Environmental Responsibility: Produced through sustainable practices to lessen environmental impact

Product Overview

Enhance Your Event with Custom Wristbands

Enter the sphere of exceptional custom wristbands that surpass expectations. Our custom wristbands for events are crafted from exquisite satin, providing a sheen and silky finish while ensuring longevity. These wristbands merge strength with a skin-friendly texture, guaranteeing that your event's logo is both comfortable and steadfast against water and sweat. With a standard measurement of 16x350 mm and fitted with a reliable plastic teeth lock bead, these bands are designed to stay firmly on your guests' wrists until they choose to remove them.

Our event wristbands custom packs, available in quantities of 100, are an excellent choice for events of any scale, from charity fundraisers and annual conferences to birthday bashes and corporate gatherings. Their fade-resistant nature after contact with moisture proves their versatility for any event environment, making them the quintessential printed wristbands.

Ignite Your Imagination with Personalisation

Embark on a creative expedition with our personalised custom wristbands, where you become the artisan. Our platform equips you with the tools to weave your individuality into each wristband. A broad colour palette revitalises your design, complemented by text and graphics options that encapsulate your narrative. Utilising premium dye sublimation printing technology, every colour and detail is sharply captured with outstanding print quality, preserving its radiance through extensive washes, perfectly suited for creating glossy finish custom printed wristbands for corporate events.

The journey doesn’t end with colours; explore diverse graphic and typeface selections or employ one of our myriad themes to fashion uniquely custom event wristbands for personal enjoyment or professional brand enhancement.

Superior Quality & Convenience

Every personalised satin wristband for events not only offers aesthetic appeal but also functionality, made from plush satin and perfected with sophisticated sublimation printing methods. Our commitment extends to convenience, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to delivery.

Each bespoke piece exudes elegance and maintains its charm, ideal for any event scenario, whilst ensuring comfort against the skin. Embark on designing your custom printed wristbands today, where distinctiveness and unparalleled quality converge!