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Cut-Out Frosted Decals


Frosted Window Decals are Durable, Simple to Apply and Enhance Privacy

On a crowded street, passers-by and potential consumers might easily overlook businesses such as restaurants, stores or offices. Finding a low-cost advertising strategy to draw attention to your business is important. Our cut-out decals provide an efficient way for your company to communicate its message to prospective clients. To increase privacy, the decals are opaque.

Our frosted decals comprise a sturdy monomeric PVC material that can withstand wear and tear. It features a 12 N/25 mm glue peel strength, which ensures the decals stay in place and are suitable for outdoor use.

The frosting of the printed decals creates an opaque look that reduces visibility. This provides privacy to restaurant patrons, salon clients and visiting customers. Improve the comfort of your customers within your premises.

PVC decals are pre-glued and easy to apply with a peel-and-stick technique. For installation, we include a squeegee application tool to assist you in removing air bubbles or uneven surfaces. Proper installation gives your decals a clean, professional appearance that helps attract clients' attention.

Get Bulk Discounts When Ordering the Customisable Cut-Out Decals

Customise these PVC decals to meet your specific requirements. There are a variety of sizes to pick from, or you can have a custom size made to fit your windows. Submit your own graphics, use our design tool with templates to build your own or hire a professional designer to assist you. This allows you to customise your stickers to match the look and feel of your business.

Small to large businesses that order quantities of 2 to 500 or more are eligible for discounts. Order as many decals as you require based on your needs, budget or the size of your store. The printed decals provide your business with a budget-friendly way to draw attention to your business.

Our Frosted Window Decals are Easy to Order

To ensure rapid turnaround time, we offer numerous sHIPping options for you to select from based on your budget and urgency. This ensures that you receive the PVC decals in a timely manner, allowing you to turn your windows into a clever advertising space.

Cut-Out Decals for Creating Brand Awareness

BannerBuzz cut-out decals are a long-lasting, simple-to-install and privacy-enhancing advertising and marketing tool that can help you reinforce your brand to passers-by and potential customers.

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