Desktop Sneeze Screen

Desktop Sneeze Screen


Highly-performable & Durable Displays for Protective Workstations:

  • Cast acrylic defines durability and quality aspects
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Grab bulk discounts on bulk orders

Desktop Sneeze Screens for the New Normal in Offices

We are an all-inclusive platform with every possible branding product to position your brand out there. Be it a regular need of display products like banners and flags, or if it’s a crucial pandemic situation like COVID-19, we are here to assist you effortlessly. Reach out to us for regular promotions, keeping up the communication with customers, clients, and visitors even when the store or office is closed temporarily due to lockdown or anything else. An assortment full of quality, usability, and reachability is available to simplify your worries. One of our durable products - Desktop Sneeze Screen has been introduced to offer the best and preventive solution for your workspace.

Robust quality materials for lasting usage

Make your employees feel safe and protected with cast acrylic sneeze guards for desktops. The product comprises durable 5550 GSM cast acrylic to ensures robustness and lasting quality for the time to come. Their see-through yet protective capability makes them a must add-on to the office essentials list in this pandemic. Coming back to normal isn’t that easy when we are concerned about our safety and hygiene 24x7. But these vital safety products like hanging sneeze screens, desktop sneeze screens, face masks, and more make it all feasible for your employees to get back to their tasks with much assurance.

The product is simple in its usage and installation. It comes with rounded corners to offer soft and comfy usage throughout. Three clear acrylic panels ensure all-around protection from airborne and COVID-19 contagions. Three-sided see-through panels provide perfect visibility while safeguarding the individuals from the surrounding infections or air droplets if someone sneezes, communicates, or coughs.

So, it is the need of the hour to ensure that workspaces get equipped properly before the staff joins in. Get the sneeze guards and sneeze shields delivered and installed at your offices or individual counter spaces at commercial stores to ease the working environment for employees. Three different sizes, bulk quantity orders, and discounts are a few of our exciting features that would meet your needs rightly. Contact us for any queries. Our customer crew is here to assist you 24x7.