Die-Cut Business Cards

Die-Cut Business Cards


An advertising tool that never stops working once you hand them out

  • Thick, premium quality cardstock
  • Gloss, matte or uncoated finish
  • Multiple custom shapes, sizes, and color options
  • Vibrant full-color printing
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

Business Cards: Die-cut To Make Your First Impression Count

Business cards are the most common marketing tools for businesses and brands. Having been around for a long time, they are one of the most used and powerful marketing weapons. With the changing scenario in the digital age, online business cards have also managed to adapt to newer and better ways of marketing. It is why we offer you custom die-cut business cards that can help you to market your business just the way you want. Browse through our professionally designed templates and get inspired to design your own quirky card for your business, brand or company right away.

At BannerBuzz, we are committed to printing the highest-quality marketing cards for your business that are custom designed and personalized as per your preferences. Make your very first impression count with a business card printed from BannerBuzz and enjoy the best price guarantee, quick turnaround time and doorstep delivery.

What makes BannerBuzz die-cut cards so effective

  • Highly affordable: We offer the most cost-effective event and business advertising tools. You can save big money with our low prices, yet even more if you buy in bulk.
  • Versatile advertising: Our professionally designed business cards are very versatile as they help you to market a great deal of information.
  • Convenient marketing: We offer you custom made business cards that you can design just the way you want. So, you have discretion over what you want to market and what not.
  • Long term advertising: Since these business cards are meant to stay with the clients, they do not have short term effects like a radio or television ad. With die-cut style cards, you are bound to remind the client/customer of you over and over again, which increases the chances of them using your services repetitively.

Die-Cut Business Cards - Let Your Creativity Flow

Die-cut business cards are a hit with businesses selling perfumes, shoes, art supplies, clothes, and more. If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, a die-cut card is a good option to show your creative site. If you have a creative flair, you can show it through die-cut business cards.

Be Unique, Be Different with Die-Cut Business Cards

We have both complex and basic shapes available. You can look through our comprehensive collection of templates to select a shape that best describes your business. Die-cut business cards also increase the chance of people taking your business card without you having to hand it out. The unique shape will intrigue and they will be compelled to pick it to take a closer look.

The entire reason businesses even invest in a die-cut business card is to separate themselves from the competition. Most of your competitors will have a rectangle-shaped business card. If different businesses are giving out several business cards at an event, which one do you think will stick out? One that looks and feels the best from the rest! People are more likely to notice and keep impressive marketing materials just like our leaf-shaped business card. And that could be your card!

Browse through our slim business cards, custom shape (round, oval, leaf business cards, etc), or standard cards. Pick the style that best suits your business/brand and place your order. Let us get you visible quick, easy and in an inexpensive way.