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Die-Cut Car Decals / Stickers (Clear)


Car Decals are Premium-Quality, Customisable and Long-Lasting

Your target audience for marketing probably spends time in and around cars. As a local business, such as an eatery, health centre or retail store, you may be increasingly looking for ways to take advantage of the many commercial and commuter vehicles on the roads to advertise your products and services in a standout manner. Our premium-quality die-cut car stickers are durable and customisable, offering an efficient ad tool with reliable returns on your revenue spend. The decals are simple and quick to install on car doors, windshields and windows.

Our car decals feature high-strength vinyl material, 120 microns thick, that delivers exceptional resistance under harsh operating circumstances or external conditions such as high temperatures and strong winds. The film of gloss optical calendered vinyl prevents peeling and cracking to ensure the decals remain intact for the long periods. The stickers offer an advertising solution that is well-suited for outdoor use.

600 DPI printing offers a crisp image quality and high resolution so that your message is readable to target audiences from a distance. The automotive decals’ highlights your logo or message, delivering enhanced aesthetics for ads. For improved legibility, the vibrant colour UV prints capture and reflect light for good legibility. These high-quality decals grab your audience’s attention and deliver clear communication.

Choose from many size options to suit your company’s special requirements. You can opt for full and partial white ink or none, to vary the decal’s opacity and general appearance. Use the optional Pantone Colour Match (PMS) tool to match your vehicle's colour and overall look. Other options include template editing and uploading artwork and designs with specific instructions. Transform your revenue spend with the custom car decals.

Easily Install Eco-Friendly Car Stickers

The car decals allow for installation using the included squeegee implement. Speedily free air bubbles and remove irregular or fuzzy surfaces during application. The squeegee is easy to handle and provides efficient pressure control. In just a short time, you can turn your car window or windshield into an effective advertising tool.

Eco-solvent printing on these car stickers includes the least harmful chemicals, leaving a much reduced carbon footprint in the environment. Using the decals for your business helps fulfil your company’s social responsibility in the community. Enhance your company image and elevate your brand with the help of our eco friendly decals.

Enjoy Discounts for Bulk Car Decal Orders

We offer discounts for bulk orders from 2 to 500 and over, so the automotive decals are sure to fit the budget and advertising requirements of your business. This way, it's a simple matter to set up multiple custom stickers for fleets or fix them on several parts of a vehicle. Take advantage of our discounted decal solutions and reach more people with your brand message.

Car Decals for Clear Communication via Car Windows and Surfaces

Clearly and directly display your brand message via vehicle windows, windshields and surfaces with our high-quality, durable and customisable decals.

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