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Die-Cut Magnetic Signs


Custom Printed Die-Cut Magnetic Signs in Custom Shapes

It is always beneficial to introduce your brand in an eye-catching, lightly humored way to grab the attention of passers-by. Our die-cut magnetic signs are one of the displays to meet your business requirements. Die-cut printing or die-cutting is the process of cutting or giving the desired shape to the signs or stickers using a sharp die-cut blade or sharp die to cut the cardstock, paper, and other substrates.

Custom shapes can be designed for the die-cut magnetic signs to meet your personal and business requirements. You can select any shape from the template section that meets your brand theme. Custom magnetic signs are easy to apply and remove from a clean surface made of steel, iron, and other materials that accept magnetic signs and displays.

You can create these signs in custom graphics with the help of our online design tool for viable indoor or outdoor usage. The design tool offers you a choice of templates to choose any design for personal or business communication. Whether there is a need for a creative brand logo magnet or a magnetic sign showing your favorite quote, BannerBuzz offers you desirable artwork in minutes. If you have print-ready files, then upload them directly by clicking the ‘Upload Artwork’ tab.

Get custom die-cut magnets ready for on-the-go communication through vehicles. Or, use them to embrace the interiors of your store, office, or even home. Being a lightweight, handy, and easy-to-maintain magnetic sign, it is a durable and high-quality display solution for every facility.

High-quality, UV Printed Die-Cut Magnetic Signs with Easy Installation

A die-cut magnetic sign is made out of a flexible magnetic sheet with a thickness of 800 microns to ensure durability for long-term usage. The die-cut line has a minimum 4 mm distance with no sharp curve that makes it an easy-to-hold and install signage on any clean and leveled surface. With high-quality printing techniques and UV protection, the magnetic sign ensures color retention and shielded graphics for a long-lasting time.

Before installing die-cut magnetic signs, make sure you straighten them as the signs are delivered in a rolled foam. Gently flex the sign in the opposite direction for a straightened position. These crucial steps are to be followed to achieve the best installation results for any die-cut magnetic sign.

Size Variations and Best Care Tips for Die-Cut Magnetic Signs

The die-cut magnetic signs are available in either custom or predefined sizes. For custom results, choose dimensions, and for quick orders, select any one size from our pre-listed range under the size tab. Also, to increase the efficiency and better usage of a die-cut magnetic sign, it is advisable to remove and clean the sign and vehicle every week. It avoids magnetic polarisation on the vehicle’s surface. Make sure the vehicle’s or other surfaces are dry before re-installing the magnetic sign. Do not apply magnetic signs over rust, deep curves, or vinyl car wraps. For more care instructions, read the tips for magnetic signs mentioned below.