Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth
  • Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth
  • Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth
  • Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth

Display Package for 6m x 3m Trade show booth


Package Includes

  • Display package for 20ft x 10ft trade show booth

    Custom Canopy (20' x 10')- Qty 1

    Graphic with Hardware, Back Wall Graphic Single Sided, Flag Holder, Travel Bag with wheels

  • Display package for 20ft x 10ft trade show booth

    Feather Flags (2' x 9.58')- Qty 2

    Single Sided, Stake/Spike Base, Graphic with Hardware


Our display package for 6m x 3m trade show booth includes the following features:

  • Customisable canopy with backwall graphic for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Two standing feather flags for added oomph.
  • Fully customisable package made using quality materials.

Our Custom Canopy 20' x 10' can make your Booth Look Unique

When taking part in a trade show or a conference, it is important to get a perfect display for your booth for maximum attention and appeal. At Bannerbuzz.co.uk, we are offering a display package for 6m x 3m trade show booth. This package includes a Custom Canopy 20' x 10' and Feather Flags - 2 (2' x 9.58'). both these elements make up for a perfectly set-up booth that is ready to make a solid impression on the crowd.

The custom canopy part of the package is highly appealing and can be customised for a superior look. It includes a canopy and a back wall graphic, flag holder, and a set of graphics. The graphics on the wall and the canopy can be customised with your desired print including logos, taglines, etc.

Fine Quality Materials for a Long-Lasting Display

Whether you use your display one time or several times, the quality of the materials is so superior that your display will look flawless every time. The aluminium bars and the fabric have the ability to stay intact for a long time, offering great value for money. Furthermore, the print on the fabric is completed using advanced printing technology and ink that keeps your message looking perfect all day.

From the Custom Canopy to the Feather Flags - 2 (2' x 9.58'), every element included in the package is premium quality and made to last longer than any other advertising material. And for an added appeal, you can get in touch with our representatives to send them your selected images to be printed on the display. The more appealing the images, the better will be the outcome.

Increase Foot Traffic at your Booth with our Feather Flags

Setting up a trade show booth means you either want to enhance your brand image or attract more customers to buy your products/services. Regardless of your intention, our feather flags are great for making your booth stand out and meet all your display goals.

We have included two high quality feather flags in the package to ensure maximum visibility and reach. By setting up these flags on the entrance of your booth, you will see an increase in your booth traffic. You can customise these flags by adding your logo and tagline to it. By adding branding elements to these flags, you can boost your brand's exposure while increasing sales at the same time.

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