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Double X Micro GeoMetrix Table Top Display


Table Top Displays are Durable, High-Quality and Customisable

Businesses often need a visual means of communication. Enterprises are also on the look-out for unique, eye-catching ways to market products, services and brands. GeoMetrix displays are exceedingly effective marketing tools that advertise what a company has to offer. The unusual design draws the attention of passers-by and invites engagement, giving your company an enhanced return on its investment.

The frames holding up our tabletop signs comprise rust-resistant aluminium, making them long-lasting and durable, even when used outdoors. The displays stand up to regular handling, disassembly and re-assembly as needed. With the longevity of the stands, you'll only need to purchase them once, saving you on your ad spend and providing a cost-effective marketing tool.

Across the frame of GeoMetrix displays, 240 GSM stretch polyester fabric creates a high-profile visual display. Bright colours are printed onto the material using a sublimation process that doesn't use individual dots. This results in greater colour consistency and smooth variations that are pleasing to the eye. Vivid, attention-grabbing exhibits draw in onlookers to better disseminate your brand messaging.

BannerBuzz offers the options of ordering the hardware for these tabletop signs or graphics, delivering just the parts you need to complete a display. Another selection available is Pantone (PMS) Colour Match to deliver the exact shade you prefer. Create and upload your own art, or add your enterprise's unique style to the displays using our graphics editor tool. You can also choose to brainstorm with our designers to create custom graphics that provide a targeted solution to your marketing needs.

GeoMetrix Displays are Easy to Install and Portable

It takes just four simple steps to set up and install one of our tabletop displays, so you can quickly get to the job of welcoming visitors and promoting the company. The frame features magnetic connectors to rapidly achieve the final shape of the frame and keep it stable. Grommet openings in the fabric fit onto the corners of the frame to keep the graphics stretched out and laying flat.

GeoMetrix display frames are lightweight, making them easy to pick up and carry, so just one person can spend a minimal amount of time moving them to new locations as needed. They fold down and disassemble into eight separate pieces, taking up minimal space in storage. A carrying bag is included for storing and moving a folded-down frame with greater ease and convenience.

Table Top Displays Are Reusable

Our tabletop signs are reusable and work with a wide variety of marketing functions, optimising return on investment. Use a single frame and change out the graphic regularly to go along with different events and promotions. Select seasonal graphics for different times of the year or for holidays and celebrate special achievements and accomplishments as your enterprise hits laudable milestones. All the graphics can be attached to a single frame, keeping set-up time to a minimum.

Attract Clients with Eye-Catching Exhibits Using Tabletop Signs

Durable and lightweight aluminium frames and colourful polyester graphics make your displays stand out from the crowd and entice passers-by to stop and engage.

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