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Notice Employees Must Wash Hands Indoor Floor Mats


Indoor Floor Mats are Durable, High Quality and Customisable

Every place of work needs to observe hygiene standards to maintain sanitary requirements and promote general cleanliness. Wash hands signs are essential for reminding staff to follow the rules and help check possible contamination at the workplace. The signs available on BannerBuzz offer high readability and are ideal reminders suited to every facility.

Business floor mats use 10-mm thick coral fleece, which offers a significant size and weight tolerance to the mats. The pile material does not fade or shed easily and, along with the non-woven fabric and grippers on the back of the mats, offers durability to the product, making it suitable for indoor use.

Full-colour, 1440 DPI and dye-sublimation printing provides for crisp graphics and a high resolution, ensuring good readability. The printed floor mats are ideal for attracting the attention of staff and help in communicating your message with clarity.

Choose between two different sizes of indoor floor mats and select the one that best suits your purpose. Receive a product that is customised to your requirements for better results.

Wash Your Hands Mats Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Business floor mats use lightweight material, which makes the mats portable and easy to place and reposition as per your requirements. As the mats are easy to use and store if needed, this versatility also helps to increase your ROI.

Pre-printed messages on the printed floor mats available for purchase help in reducing time and effort spent in self-designing the mats. This allows you to redirect your efforts to other tasks and also provides for a quick buying process.

Office Floor Mats are Available with Bulk Order Discounts

Order wash your hands signs in quantities as low as 2 to over 500, depending on your specific requirement. BannerBuzz caters to individuals as well as to large and small businesses, and we offer discounts upon making bulk purchases.

Shop for Employees Must Wash Hands, Indoor Floor Mats for your business online at BannerBuzz.