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Face Shield


Face Shield- Durable Transparent Safety Shield, Perfect For Everyday Use

From businesses getting back to selling, cafes & restaurants opening doors for diners, and workplaces getting back to work in full swing- COVID-19 safety essentials have become even more crucial. Face masks are one of the most preferred ways to ensure safety while stepping out of the house. However, full coverage face shields work even better when it comes to offering protection from splattering, contaminated air particles, and aerosol infections. These shields work perfectly well and are a highly budgeted safety solution for all kinds of businesses/workplaces. The transparent shields allow a clear view while protecting the entire face right from the forehead to the neck. They are an ideal solution for salons, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, etc.

We have designed these full face shield covers using clear polyethylene terephthalate visor (PET) sheets with masking. These durable shields can be ordered in packs of 5/10/20/30/50/100. One pack includes five high-quality transparent face-shields. To use it, fasten the head strap around your head and adjust the shield to cover your entire face, including the forehead to the neck.

Regardless of what business or workplace you own- from production/manufacturing of goods to the food business, to second-line medical services, these preventive face shields with pre-installed head strips are just the perfect solution at the best industry prices.

For any further queries about our transparent face shields or more COVID-19 safety supplies, please feel free to reach out to us.