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Finland Flag


Country Flags are High-Quality, Portable and Customisable

As a government representative, home or business owner or event organiser, you may be in need of Finnish representation. Or you might like to show respect or patriotism for Finland. We craft country flags at BannerBuzz with care so that they are accurate representations of the original. With your new Finnish banner, you can express your culture, food and services more clearly to guests.

The Finnish patriotic flag features a vivid, dark blue Nordic cross on a white background. With high-quality dye sublimation printing, the hue will not fade or change from regular use, so this colour scheme will remain accurate for many years. This will allow your guests to quickly recognise the flag of Finland.

You can customise the single-sided flags in several ways to accommodate your needs. Choose between a small, medium or large flag and whether you want it to have pole pockets or metal grommets. You can also decide whether you want these features installed on the top or left side of the fabric to be best displayed on the intended mount, pole or hanger.

These patriotic flags weigh 90 grams per square meter (GSM), meaning they consist of a very lightweight fabric. This makes the pole pocket flags easy to carry, transport and stow away when not needed. This portability makes them excellent for use at various festivals, sporting contests, exhibitions, and other international events. The ability to reuse the flags enhances the return on your investment, as they are a one-time purchase.

Finland Flags are Ready to Use and Easy to Care For

Upon ordering, your promotional flags will be ready to use out of the box, with the graphic and finish already installed. The single-sided flags' graphics will also be displayed on the reverse side with 50 to 60% visibility. Simply fasten the flag to your hardware of choice for immediate display of your message of support and welcome for the Finnish people.

Patriotic flags are easy to clean and care for, saving time and energy on maintenance. The fabric from these flags in typically safe to clean with a washing machine. If you are uncertain about machine washing, you can alternatively wash the flag by hand with a mild liquid detergent.

Country Flags Available with Bulk Order Discounts

If you need multiple flags, these promotional flags are eligible for bulk order discounts. Depending on quantity, the cost of each flag is reduced, allowing you to save money and stay on budget for your ad spend. With multiple sHIPping options available, you can choose to receive them quickly using doorstep delivery or save even more when you choose economical sHIPping.

Finland Flags to Express Finnish Affiliation and Pride

Express your pride or patriotism for Finland with high-quality, customisable and portable Finnish flags.

  • Synthetic flag fabric material
  • Dye sublimation printing
  • Finish size may have +/-1 inch variation
  • 90 GSM graphic weight
  • Single-sided flags show mirrored image on reverse with 50-60% visibility

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