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Flat Greeting Cards


Key Features

  • Sustainable High-Quality Materials: Utilizes eco-friendly sources for environmental sustainability
  • Enhanced colour Quality: Full-colour process for dynamic, vivid imagery on Gloss and Matte cardstocks
  • Flexible Customisation: Offers extensive design options including layout, print sides, and size selection
  • Seamless Design Experience: Facilitates custom creation with online tools and design templates
  • Optimal Writing Compatibility: Ensures smooth writing with oil-based and permanent markers on all surfaces
  • Sustainable Paper Solutions: Constructed from recyclable materials to lessen ecological impact

Product Overview

Enhancing Connections with Premium Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

As the festive period draws near or when a special event is on the horizon, connect with your valued contacts using flat greeting cards that truly stand out. Our collection of high-quality printed flat greeting cards offers more than just a means to send well-wishes. Produced using a vibrant full-colour process, these cards feature sharp images and bright colours, ensuring your message resonates.

Produced using a vibrant full-colour printing technique, the 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss impresses with its durable, thick texture, indicative of high quality and ensuring colours are strikingly vivid, perfect for prominent greeting cards.

In contrast, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte conveys sophistication with its smooth, matte finish, offering an elegant branding solution. Both types are environmentally friendly, crafted from sustainable materials to deliver a powerful impact. For the best results, conducting a test print is recommended when using oil-based ink ballpoint pens or permanent markers on these superior cardstocks.

Customisable Flat Greeting Cards: Effortless Impression and Personalised Impact for Your Business

Experience the impact of personalisation with our customisable flat greeting cards for businesses. Making a memorable impression is both effortless and enjoyable. Choose from single-sided or double-sided printing to enhance your message's reach. Opt for a horizontal layout, select from a variety of paper types and quantities to suit your needs perfectly.

Utilising our exquisite design templates, uploading your original artwork, or employing our user-friendly online design platform makes creating your own custom flat greeting cards that embody your brand's ethos seamless. And with surfaces that are conducive to writing, particularly with oil-based ink pens or permanent markers, personalising your message is both easy and impactful.

Eco-Friendly Custom Greeting Cards: Sustainable, Sophisticated, and Cost-Effective

In today's environment, selecting eco-friendly products is not just a preference but a necessity for sustainable living. Our eco-friendly custom greeting cards are constructed with materials that lessen environmental impact, reflecting our commitment to sustainability in every product we produce.

With various shipping options designed to align with diverse budgets and schedules, receiving your customisable flat greeting cards is as satisfying as dispatching them. Choosing BannerBuzz’s line of flat card printing services means opting for eco-friendly sophistication effortlessly.