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Foil Printed Paper Bags


Foil Printed Paper Bags: Elevate Your Gifting Experience

Introducing our deluxe Foil Printed Paper Bags, famed for their unmatched durability and sophistication. Crafted using a distinctive hot stamping printing technique, this foil stamped bags delivers outstanding robustness. It also ample room to accommodate your valued items. Ideal for treasured moments, our metallic paper bags stand as the prime choice for anniversaries, family gatherings, and other notable occasions. Their radiant large gold foil stamped shopping bags and silver foil bags designs undoubtedly infuse a touch of luxury to each gift, making every gesture unforgettable.

Spanning across a spectrum of 7 sizes, from a dainty 7.6 cm to a sizable 40.64 cm (3 inches to 16 inches), you're bound to discover the ideal foil embossed bag for each event. Be it a posh small silver foil printed bags for jewellery or an expansive designer paper bag for more substantial gifts, our selection meets every requirement.

Elevate Your Packaging Experience with Background Colours for Foil Printed Paper Bags

Delve into collection of Foil Printed Paper Bags, diligently fashioned to elevate your packaging journey. Our foil stamped bags spring to life with 11 dazzling printing shades, encompassing traditional Gold foil bags and Silver foil bags, complemented by striking Holographic Gold and Holographic Silver. For those with a penchant for a vibrant touch, choices such as Metallic Fuchsia, Copper, Metallic Burgundy, Metallic Violet, Metallic Green, Metallic Navy, and Metallic Black are on offer to ensure your foil embossed bags genuinely captivate.

Add depth to your packaging with our custom foil bags background colour options. Choose among six refined hues: timeless white and black, sumptuous chocolate, electric blue, intense red, or gentle pink. These background colours are expertly chosen to resonate with our printing colour spectrum, confirming your metallic paper bags leave an indelible mark, whether they're wholesale opulent metallic paper bags for retail or elite designer foil embossed bags for events.

Transform Your Packaging Experience with Art Paper Bags with Glossy Finish

Our Foil Printed Paper Bags are scrupulously constructed using superior 170 GSM Art Paper. This solid foundation guarantees your foil embossed bags house a diverse array of goods. It also confirms ease of use and manageability, especially with our foil printed paper bags equipped with handles. Yet, the real allure is in the detailing. Each metallic paper bag is graced with gloss lamination, affording it a sleek, refined surface, echoing the pinnacles of wholesale luxury metallic paper bags.

Embark on a journey of luxury packaging and allow our foil-printed paper bags with handles to be the centrepiece of your distinguished events.