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Gazebo Weight Bags


Canopy Sand Bags are Durable, Easy to Use and Tie Down Effortlessly

When setting up for commercial events like exhibitions and promotional campaigns, companies require safe, stable shelters. Event organisers must take all necessary precautions to keep tents, kiosks and gazebos sturdy and secure. Canopy weight bags are perfect for holding tents and canopies in place, securing them against collisions, sudden gusts and steady, prolonged winds. These bags help to prevent the weighted items from shifting, lifting or tipping, thereby preventing damage. They can satisfy a myriad of outdoor needs effectively, being useful for holding down tarps, furniture, drop cloths and other loose materials. You can also use them during indoor events to anchor your booth against bumping and jostling.

Lightweight and durable, our heavy-duty gazebo weights are made of 18 oz PVC. When empty, they are light and compact for convenient transportation and easy storage. The material can hold weight up to 30 lbs and is double stitched for durability. Manufactured using heavy-duty fabric, these items can withstand frequent use in extreme weather and are 100% UV resistant, so they won't fade in the sunlight. Weight bags are designed for maximum endurance.

Our outdoor canopy weights are designed to wrap around the base of each canopy leg and rest on the foot. Each bag comes with two zippered sections that you fill with your preferred contents. The bags are equipped with Velcro straps that wrap around the entire assembly to securely attach them to the canopy leg poles for enhanced safety. This feature provides additional security by keeping the tent firmly on the ground, even in strong winds.

Easy to use, it only takes moments to install these tent anchors. Just fill the high-quality 30 lb canopy weights with sand, gravel, rocks, snow or any other available material and fit them to the poles to keep your shelter securely on the ground. When you're ready to shut down, simply empty the bags in an appropriate location for quick disassembly. This ease of use means less time and energy expended by those managing outdoor events.

Waterproof Canopy Weight Bags are Customisable

Made using weather-resistant materials, these waterproof fabric bags are suitable for employment as tent anchors throughout the year. You can easily use the canopy weight bags on windy or rainy days with no concern for the materials. Since they're designed to handle wetness, you can simply hose them off to clean them when needed.

Choose from two different tent anchor options, depending on your requirements. The weight bags come in a pack of 4 for a 10 x 10 canopy or a pack of 6 for a 20 x 10 canopy. These options offer versatility, as you can use the weights for large or small events, both indoors and outdoors. You can select either black or grey coloured canopy leg weights as per your preference.

Canopy Sand Bags are Available for Bulk Purchases

Multiple sHIPping options, including doorstep delivery, are available, ensuring a smooth and effortless shopping experience. You can choose from various options based on your budget and the speed at which sHIPment is needed. Purchase canopy sand bags and enjoy convenient delivery.

Outdoor Canopy Weight Bags Hold Down Tents Effectively

Make your tents safer and more secure using durable and waterproof canopy weight bags. Rely on these anchors to hold your structure in place, so you can enjoy a better event or camping experience.

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