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Golf Flags - Rectangle

Golf Flags - Rectangle


Golf Flags - The Smarter Way to Get Known!

  • A very good advertising tool at events and company outings
  • Helps the player to find the hole
  • Available in two different shapes

When You Opt for Golf Flags, You Are Opting for a Better Way to Advertise Your Business

  • Are you tired of blending into the crowd?
  • Do you want your business to stand out?
  • If you do, you need to use golf flags to advertise and market your business!
  • Once you use a golf flag, you will want to keep on using them due to how effective they are in ensuring that people leave the golf tournament, knowing your business's name.
  • If you do not want to do a grand advertising display, using a golf flag is the best and most simplistic way to market your business.

Golf Flags Will Increase Store Traffic and With It, Your Sales

  • If you are unable to pull in the traffic you require to increase your sales and generate revenue, you need to rethink your advertising strategy.
  • You need to use our high quality flags, which you can get in either nylon or knitted polyester material.
  • We use a sublimation printing method to ensure your name shines when placed on the flag and displayed on the golf course.
  • You should scout out local golfing tournaments happening in and around your area and ask to become a sponsor.
  • By becoming a sponsor at golf tournaments, you will automatically receive more exposure, especially if you run a sporting goods store.
  • Place your order for golf flags by letting us know what you want us to print on the flag. You can print your name, product name, or a logo.