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Hanging Sneeze Screen - Clear Vinyl

Hanging Sneeze Screen - Clear Vinyl


Reinforce physical distancing and stop the spread of viruses/diseases transmitted via sneezing/coughing. 

  • 5 Predefined size dimensions 
  • Clear panels constructed from high-quality PVC clear vinyl 
  • Complete hanging hardware included
  • No print included
  • Ready to use and easy to install safety solution

Clear Vinyl Hanging Sneeze Guard- Clear Screen Panels With Hanging Hardware

Designed to section off areas like billing counters, restaurant tables, checkout points, store sales counters, workstations, and more- these preventive ‘clear vinyl hanging sneeze guards’ are used to stop the spread of diseases and viruses. 

What kind of viruses can be prevented via hanging sneeze shields?

Sneeze shields are useful in preventing such viruses/infections that tend to transfer via sneezing or coughing. Any countertop guard that acts as a shield between two people can prevent the spread of various kinds of aerosol-based infections and viruses. In the event of cough or sneezing, it prevents the air particles from reaching the other person sitting or standing in front. Thus, acting as a preventive shield between the two. It also prevents direct physical contact between two people, hence making it ideal to reinforce social distancing

Where Can This Clear Vinyl Hanging Guard be Used? 

It is an ideal safety solution for all the places where frequent face-to-face communication is required. You can use them at:

  • Retail Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • restaurants/food joints
  • Banks
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • Corporate offices
  • Receptions, billing counters, and checkout sections
  • Offices

The Advantage of Clear Vinyl Panels!

The vinyl panels are transparent and thus provide excellent visibility from each side of the hanging guard. This makes it an ideal partitioning solution for every business/workplace that wants to adapt safer ways of communicating after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Order this clear vinyl hanging sneeze guard and we will deliver the entire package- panels + complete hanging guard hardware at your doorsteps in the shortest possible time frame. If you want these guards urgently, please select the ‘Urgent Shipping’ option at the checkout. 

To understand the complete hardware details and specifications of the panels and hanging parts, please check the product specifications tab now.