Hanging Sneeze Screen - Clear Acrylic

Hanging Sneeze Screen - Clear Acrylic


Safeguard employees and customers with Hanging Sneeze Guards:

  • Clear Cast Acrylic Material
  • A variety of sizes available
  • Bulk quantity discounts
  • 92 cm long strings with 40mm diameter hanging base with 3 holes on each

Hanging Sneeze Guards – A great tool to safeguard various counters at your workplace

Bring utmost safety at your store, coffee shop, help desks or billing counters at the motels, or even banks by installing Hanging Sneeze Guards. We, at BannerBuzz, have implemented great quality checks and applied quality-driven materials in the manufacturing of sneeze guards and other COVID-19 safety product range to meet the safety precautions to fight back COVID-19 pandemic. This has come to light to be highly aware of the precautionary methods to protect public places with every possible method so that the staff, clients, visitors, and other people stay safe and protected. 

Installing these sneeze guards – be it a hanging one or countertop sneeze guards; both are going to prove their purpose effectively by protecting the individuals at the opposite sides of the sneeze guard by blocking the infected air particles or droplets of sneezing or coughing. Moreover, not just to be protected from the Coronavirus spread but we can safeguard ourselves from other airborne diseases about which we might be unaware at any public site. Further adding few points on product quality or graphics, then stay assured on these aspects as we have used high-quality cast acrylic in the making of the hanging sneeze guards along with durable long strings and a hanging base with 3 holes on each for a long-lasting stay.

Being a part of BannerBuzz’s family, you will be never left with half services as we deliver quality-driven products with complete customization to meet your aspirations perfectly. At present, seeking the urgent need of COVID-19 safety accessories, we are here to assist you with custom sizes, bulk quantity discounts, quick delivery, and so much more. Let us know how could we serve you better. Stay Home, Stay Safe.