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Hard Case Podium (For Pop Ups)


Hard Case Podiums are Durable, Customisable and Portable

Keeping your marketing display materials safe as you move from one convention to the other protects your bottom line by letting you reuse the materials. Having the right equipment for protecting fabric and frames is essential for roadside promotions. Our hard case podiums store the display materials, allowing for quickly setting up and taking down your booth at trade shows, festivals and other events.

Quality construction material makes our hard plastic carry cases resilient and durable. They offer reliable protection for your display materials. Featuring moulded plastic material, they can resist corrosion and stand up to impact.

Hard case podiums for pop-ups offer multiple options to fit your needs. Choose from a selection of sizes to accommodate your displays, giving them the space they need for proper and safe storage. You can also give specific instructions, such as putting your own unique branding on the outside of the cases.

The premium materials making up our travel case podiums are lightweight, allowing for easy transport by hand or by truck. It's easy to place and reposition the podiums as per your needs, making them a good long-term investment.

Plastic Podium Carry Cases Offer Mobility and Multipurpose Use

Wheels on the bottom make our plastic podiums for pop ups easy to move from one place to another. Their upright design also stays balanced as you roll them down hallways and across convention spaces. The lids remain securely closed while you're on the move with sturdy latches that help keep the contents intact.

The multi-purpose travel case podiums offer additional uses besides storage and transport. They can also serve as display stands for your pop up promotions. Using them in this manner also makes set-up and take-down quick and easy.

Black Podiums are Easy to Order

We make it easy to order and get the black podiums you need for travelling with your trade booth essentials. The steps of the online selection and ordering process are simple and convenient. Multiple shipping options help you make your choices base on budget and timeline.

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