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Indoor Banners

Indoor Banners


Want to increase your clientele and maximize your profits, using indoor banners will be an effectual advertising tool.

  • Full color matte finish that suites indoor lighting perfect
  • Easy to install and remove with Velcro and rope options
  • Checkout our vinyl poster (peel and Stick) for single time use
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

Increase your Client Base and Profits with Banner Buzz

Making an impact indoors can be a challenge, especially when you are up against some stiff competition. What if we told you that you can create the buzz you need inside that crowded auditorium? Besides customising the design and colour, you can get the stands of your choice that will literally stand head and shoulders above your competitors' signage. They may not flap around, but their unique look will be enough to draw those visitors to your exhibit.

At Banner Buzz we take pride in creating low cost marketing solutions that not only create a long lasting impact on target audiences, but can last for years to come. In other words, in case you change your brand message, you will not have to order a fresh batch each time you have an event. Our indoor banners will keep generating interest for your brand no matter how many times they are displayed.

We always ensure that our clients receive the highest quality banners to act as their marketing solutions indoors or out. Besides high quality prints, we make your band message the highlight of your advertising endeavours.

Signage Solutions that promise Results!

Place your indoor signage order with us and you can be privy to a number of benefits that no other service can promise such as:

  • Order banners in bulk and get a 10% discount.
  • Have your pick of a myriad of designs and colour schemes.
  • Let us know your requirements and have custom banners made.
  • Add whatever text you want on the banners.
  • Use the templates on the website if you need banners in a hurry. We promise same day delivery!

And much more. Plus, our indoor banners are portable and so light that they can be transported from one venue to the next with ease. Just take them down and store them for later use when you don't have a need for them and take them out when you do. They will look fresh and good as new each time they are set up. Our PVC banners are timeless and we keep updating our designs according to the latest trends to ensure your corporate events never look outdated or stale.

The ink we use on the banners will not fade regardless of how many times they are installed or the weather conditions. Even if they get wet, the waterproof design scheme will remain intact and just a few hours in the sun or flapping in the breeze will dry them completely. You won't have to take them down for that either!

You can opt for hanging or roller banners stand, whichever option best fits your needs. Our PVC banners are made from the same material and will not fall or droop when they are installed. The hem and eyelets are positioned optimally to ensure this.

The 750 dpi printing techniques we use never fail to make an impact on viewers and you can make the kind of impact you need by having your banners customised. If you are stumped regarding the design, we'll offer our creative services absolutely FREE of charge. Just give us a call at 020-3514-3788 or email us and we'll get back to you.